when the family gathers…

The holidays are upon us and besides getting the family together to pig out on turkey and all the fixings, it’s a great time to shoot everyone while you’re all together. Not literally, of course (although you may feel like it sometimes. jk jk)

Here are my best tips for a great DIY family photo this holiday season…

  1. Pick a spot.  OUTDOORS: Choose open shade or an hour before sunset. Even better if you get a cloudy day, because the light will be rockstar for you. If your group is large, this is crucial. INDOORS: Make sure your space is large enough to accommodate everyone. Sometimes the garage or basement is actually a great choice… not only because you have a lot of room to step back and capture everyone, but also because the walls are typically pretty clean/uncluttered.
  2. Set up some folding chairs.  This is for a couple reasons. First of all, Grandma is probably tired so she’ll appreciate a chair while everyone gathers. Second, it allows for varying heights of your subjects, making your shot look nice and neat.
  3. Group sub-families together.  This makes it a TON easier to explain who’s related to whom as the family grows.
  4. Clothing. Seriously— do not stress over this. The beauty of photographs like these are that they are a sign of the times and a glimpse into the current chapter of your family. Part of this is fashion trends (good and bad) and having everyone well-represented with what they wear normally and who they are. If a more formal portrait is what your after, you’re better off hiring a professional who will pose and advise you on wardrobe accordingly.
  5. Employ a neighbor.  What’s missing from the family photo?  Oh yeah…. YOU.  Ask a neighbor to click the button for you so EVERYONE is in the shot. They will be more than happy to do this for you.
  6. Share the love.  Whoever has the best camera, make sure everyone chips in for prints and have Aunt Deb be in charge of printing. A photo is only as good as the paper it’s printed on. You are leaving a legacy for your family and printing is 99% of it. So PRINT! For the love of God and your family. <3

Hope you find these helpful!

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