the youngs

deb, dave, and liz remind me so much of our little family growing up. except my daddy wasn’t a cowboy and my mom wasn’t a city girl. Deb reminded me of Ree Drummond. for those of you who don’t know who the heck Ree is or better known as The Pioneer Woman, she is a genius. she writes, cooks, blogs, i heard a rumor that she’s having a cooking show on food network (high FIVE!). i check her blog nearly everyday to see what zany thing she’ s writing about. she used to be city all the way. at least until she met and fell in love with a cowboy (she sweetly calls ‘marlboro man’). now she lives on a ranch in oklahoma and raises 4 kids! they have many animals and chores and they live off the land. and she writes about it. she photographs it. she writes in a way that you really feel like you know her. i heart her.

so back to deb, dave, and liz! this was liz’s first year showing her horse, ‘beans’, in 4-h. doesn’t she look so cute on him?? it was a fun morning on the farm…scouting out locations for thee perfect spot. we laughed and had tickle fights… then it got hot and we were mega thirsty. the end. : )


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