the yocom family

you can guess the theme of their holiday card this year…. yup! ‘peace on earth!’ ‘joy to the world!’ absolutely perfect for this awesome family. taken on wahoo’s own lake wanahoo… thanks to tim we had plenty of beautiful, flat stones to skip across the water. i, however, cannot skip a stone to save my life! i failed… but maybe with some practice. laurie gets the prize, though! one of hers skipped, like, 12 times!’t was so pretty the evening of our shoot. the weather was clear, the wind was calm. and there’s this gravel road that goes across the dam and every time a big truck would go across, it created this mystic ‘smoke’ for us across the water. breathtaking and inspiring. we have only God to thank for the beauty that surrounds us. : )  Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year?

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