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oscar party fundraiser!

The Oscar Party was last Sunday night and what a great time. Over $3K was raised to benefit Saunders County Lost Pets, which goes to vet bills, utilities, supplies, etc…  so thankful that our community loves and supports the rescue. Even though it was soooooo extremely cold (-5 degrees) Sunday, we had a good turn out. Lots of people dressed up… Halloween is my favorite holiday so it’s awesome to get to dress up more than once a year. We chose a 1970′s formal theme to pay homage to ‘American Hustle.’ I loved seeing what everyone came up with.

Deb and Glen Wilcox… owners of SCLP.

can you believe we found 2 of these giant Oscar men at a garage sale this summer??

Rosie is the most organized person I’ve ever met. She was our leader for the whole adventure.

traveling trophy for best dressed!

next year you can come dressed as your favorite movie character….

can’t wait until next year! Mark your calendars for Feb 22.

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happy Friday!

archive baby 057
What are you guys up to this weekend? It JUST started snowing here… so I made sure to get my errands all finished this morning. Dad is here to finish up our built-in… I spent the day painting. The studio is a complete disaster, but it’s a big, warm place that helps everything dry really fast. The paint fumes are strong.

I was invited to a spa party at Sheila’s house and tomorrow i’m making my all-time favorite comfort food: BBQ meatballs and cheesy potatoes. Then our Oscar Party is SUNDAY! Can’t wait to share all the pics next week. Our outfits are 1970′s formal. Very fancy. ; )

Stay warm and cozy!

photo: from the archives March 2013

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me turning 32

I had about as much fun as you can have for a Sunday birthday….. that’s why we went out on FRIDAY! Sushi has become one of my favorite things to eat. It’s well rounded: sweet, spicy, salty, squishy, crunchy, hot, cold. AND it’s bite sized. : ) The perfect meal. And way fun with our friends that came along. We went to Parliament in Omaha for drinks first, then on to Baby Blue. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Katie and Coley are going to have a BABY! remember them?

here we have ‘itchy salmon.’ it’s the best.

then Chris was dared to eat all the reminding wasabi in a single bite.

Dad came Saturday am to start the built in project!!!

here’s my inspiration… it took a really long time to figure all the measurements out with our stereo/speakers and stuff.

Tyson didn’t really care as long as he had his bone.

and we’ve been looking at this mess for 3 LONG YEARS.

Ryan’s excited to get to work in his new shop finally…

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kaitlynFebruary 26, 2014 - 2:38 pm

happiest birthday! I just want your hair every time I see it.

a session sale! **now over**

2014 birthday sale

It’s that time of year again when I turn another year older! My birthday is this Sunday and I’ll be turning 32 years young… or the 4th anniversary of my 29th birthday. I really can’t believe I’m in my 30s. I don’t feel old, but I do feel like an ‘adult’ and I do cartwheels every time I get carded… which sadly only happens about 50% of the time now. *sigh* but cest la vive! it can’t be helped.  So I’m having a sale! my birthday is in February, so not to confuse anyone, but this sale is for MARCH!

Simply schedule a session in March (studio or on location) and only pay $32 for your session fee. (regularly $150)

You may have your session in March, April, or May 2014.

All prints + product ordered through me and begin at $35.

Sale does not apply to any digital or wedding packages.

You are officially scheduled once I have your $32 +tax session fee and signed portrait agreement.

1 hour session; 1 outfit. No minimum order.

The weather will start to get very nice and you’ll want to be outside to enjoy it. I’ll be there to capture your carefree expressions while you frolic with the bunnies.

sessions are scheduled Wednesday-Saturday.

come hang out with me after I turn 32. I’ll give you a piece of candy.

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spruce up

that time of year again when the Christmas decorations are put away and I’m bored of what I did to the living room last january. most of what I did was a ‘live and learn’ moment. we chose a white-ish rug last year when we had a new rug on our brain. I still love the rug, but seriously….. 2 black dogs and white rugs do not a clean looking house make. I could vacuum that sucker everyday and it would STILL be hairy. And it was too small. So I researched it A LOT and came up with the conclusion that we can’t have anything white (duh) and it has to be dog friendly and kid friendly (hopefully some day). I stumbled across the website called FLOR. It’s these modular carpet tiles like you see in retail stores and hospitals. genius, I tell you! So these tiles come in about a zillion colors and patterns and very very economical. sure, they are sort of indoor/outdoor looking, but the dogs were wrestling on them HARD before we even tacked them together and they stayed put! But the very best part? you can replace a tile if it’s too far damaged to salvage, but if there puke on it, you just lift that tile, hose it off, and let it dry. you can even BLEACH these bad boys! pretty awesome Id say.

We also got some new curtains from West Elm. Blue velvet… so luxurious ; )

new art! from Etsy and fellow photog friends.

 my Dad finally is back from helping orphans in Haiti, I finally get my Christmas present:  a built in for the TV wall. : )  Yay! no more college dorm room hodgepodge! It’s been 3 years and I’m ready.

Grandma Newton can watch me cook now.

and now the dining room…. this table is for sale! : )

asking $1,500 or best offer. pick up in Wahoo, but would consider delivering to Lincoln/Omaha for a tad extra. It’s only 2 years old, but it’s frankly too fancy for what we want in a dining room table. has a leaf and 6 chairs… they are in like-new condition and have been scotch guarded. Custom round glass for the top (when the leaf isn’t in it).

and the backyard is this spring’s project. we were ready for a fenced in yard, like yesterday.

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AutumnFebruary 20, 2014 - 3:57 am

Exciting! We are in the process of buying our first house in Wahoo and I love looking at your beautiful home. You truly have a knack for design!

breaking bad

I shot 100% for myself this day. and 100% what you’re not used to seeing from me.  It was last July… the Wahoo Meat Locker (have you checked out their new place yet?? UH-MAZING!!!)  had recently had a fire and we got permission to shoot in there [ear muffs, Fire Marshall, Bill]. And Ronnie is a Wahooligan who is engaged to one of the best volunteers at the rescue. He had been growing his beard out for 6 months before we decided it was long enough. 6 months too long if you ask his sister and his fiancé. He actually is still growing it. they. Looks great in pictures, though, don’t you think?

I can’t even tell you how bad it smelled in this place…. there was obviously a fire…One of the smokers had caught fire when they were smoking all the meat for graduation parties and well, it’s old and I’m sure may have been a tiny bit of grease residue…  but it smelled more like burnt toxic chemicals. I suppose from putting out the fire? I don’t know. I’m not even going to pretend to know because it was a great place for this shoot and it was all I envisioned and more. I even got to experiment with my friend, Sophia’s lighting, which was super fun for me. But ultimately I chose the single image for my competition print that had natural light. It was super hard to choose my final…

… and he really is the nicest guy. he was just coming off his night shift.


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KarlaFebruary 17, 2014 - 4:26 pm

AWESOME! Speechless. These look like they should be in print ads. SOOOO good! ‘Can’t believe you kept ‘em a secret for so long.

ShellyFebruary 17, 2014 - 4:57 pm

This seals the deal. You are the best photographer around. These are simple amazing. And sooooo different from what you usually show us. Awesome!

snugglefest 2014

they are so funny. it’s now a game of sorts to see how many positions we can photograph them in. of course, all these are horrible crappy cell phone snapshots, but you get the gist. such snugglers.

so now you know what these two dudes will be doing all day today…

…..what are your valentines day plans?

it’s on a friday this year!

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KarlaFebruary 14, 2014 - 5:42 pm

Absolutely precious! I love every, single picture! Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all.

wall collections!

wall gallery
[SIP] is proud to now offer your gorgeous professional photographs a place to call home.

GALLERY collections! Yup! Now you can purchase your images and have them framed and ready to hang on that weird, empty wall you’ve been staring at for months (years?).

step 1: book a spring session

step 2: get to filling that wall, baby!

contact for pricing; 5 collections to choose from.

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Tyler & Lauren Nitz!

i feel so repetitive when I start every wedding blogpost by saying how amazing my couples are and how lucky I am to get to photograph such a monumental day in not just their lives, but also of their whole entire families’ lives. But it’s true! Tyler and Lauren are the most down to earth, fun loving and gracious couple. The forecast for their Dec 28th wedding day was rock star for nebraska! But right as the ceremony ended, the wind came up, a front moved in and needless to say we froze our tushes off. That and we almost got arrested for trespassing by a small town deputy. (funny story). And only the video can show you exactly how windy it was (see it HERE by The Wedding Storytellers). But all in all it was a great adventure and we had such a blast. Second shot with Jeremy Wieczorek. Thanks, J!


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