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sticking with black

It’s been 3 months since our 12 year old little Toby Bear went to live with Jesus. I still think of him every day… after he died in his bed, we had him cremated and he came back to us in this cute little box. We haven’t yet decided if he’ll live in the dining room or if we’ll bury him in the yard in spring. But one thing we do know is that Tyson (our 7 yr old black lab) is NOT only-child material. Toby was Mr. Bossypants, mind you, but all of September and October, Tyson just moped around, looking sad, and generally older. And we had no plans to get another dog. But then the universe told us otherwise.

Tina, the rescue dog (who looked a strange amount like a female Toby) came in knocked up. She had 8 puppies of all different colors and fur texture. Although the pet population is out of control and we like NOT to have 8 extra dogs to find homes for, it’s exciting to have such tiny little puppies around to entertain us. They were SO ADORABLE. But we refrained from getting attached. They were all adopted by the time they were 8 weeks old…. all but one black one.


See, Toby and Tyson were both black clearance puppies when we adopted them, too.

Universe sign No. 1.

When the 7 adopted puppies were old enough to leave the rescue, we put black baby puppy in with his Mama so he wouldn’t feel alone. And when Tina went in for her spay, we took him to our house to spend the night so he wouldn’t feel alone. But then Tina got adopted, too. : (   …and baby puppy was really alone. So we brought him home for just one more night (against Ryan’s wishes). Although he was adorable and Tyson was falling in love with him, we were able to drop him back off at the rescue and continue about our busy lives.

But then a rescue volunteer went and named baby puppy:  Si.

(my initials)

Universe sign No. 2.

And then another volunteer said this, and I quote:

‘if this were my dog, I’d name him Toby.’

That did it for Ryan and he came to live with us.

the end.

my photography friends Mona + Sarah thought of the name ‘Arrow’ because of his chest marking looking like an Indian Arrowhead. And our neighbor Ashley calls him ‘Rowey

he loves shoes, especially my grey felt boots.

he loves to chew string.

he hasn’t had an accident in 3 days!

but his butt toots stink really bad.

semi-big paws… but his mama wasn’t over 45 lbs, so we’ll see.

he’s so sweet and still smells like puppy.

Tyson loves him most. He is finally behaving like the big brother lab we all knew he could be (since Toby made him his bitch).

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Crystal WiebeeNovember 18, 2013 - 10:40 pm

I am so happy for you and excited that I actually got to meet the little Arrow – before he made it all the way through Ryan’s heart.

Liz MayfieldNovember 18, 2013 - 10:44 pm

He is SO SWEET!!! Congrats! :)

MeganNovember 18, 2013 - 11:46 pm

I love love love this story! The name Arrow has a very special place in my heart. My boyfriend is a tribal officer on a reservation in Northeast Nebraska. He found a dog shot by an arrow and got him to the rescue right away. They were pretty sure Arrow was going to lose his leg, but thanks to an amazing rescue group in Sioux City Arrow kept his leg and found a forever home! So here is to hoping all Arrows live happily forever and ever! Thank you for rescuing this sweet puppy!

DeboraNovember 19, 2013 - 12:30 am

Such a beautiful story. Arrow is a very lucky boy!
Thanks for adopting from SCLP.

jovie + lawson

If you’ve followed me even a little, you know how sweet these kiddos are to me. I’ve been photographing Jovie since she was a cue ball head at 6 months old. Having no kids of our own, it’s been so special for me to watch her grown and change over the years. Time really flies. I can not imagine how fast it goes for their mom! I just feel blessed to see them a few times a year. And now they are growing again with TWINS!!! Sadie— you’re hands are going to be even fuller. But so will your heart. I’m so happy to capture these precious moments for you so when you are 20 years older and finally have a chance to catch your breath, you can look back at our images and remember how amazingly blessed you are. : )

I love the glasses sequence. <3

Lawson did AMAZING at this session! He has CHARGE syndrome and usually falls asleep on me. ; )


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Diane AKA Grammy DDNovember 18, 2013 - 5:30 pm

Stacy, I know this family loves you…you can see it in the pictures. I love them. YOU R THE BEST!

the amstutz family!

Trent + Sarah have been married for 10 whole years! And they actually even got married on her parents farm by Minden. Perfect choice to capture their little growing family at this milestone, eh? The day was absolutely beautiful… there was a vintage merry-go-round and goats. When i pulled up I was like Are you kidding me?? I get to shoot here tonight??  Praise Jesus for these old farms. They are spectacular and I hope they can all be maintained and around forever and ever. Because they are just way too cool.

Peter and Stella were Burt and Mary Poppins for Halloween, too. Not the chimney sweep versions… the colorful horse-riding Kentucky Derby versions.

too cute for words. Peter rocked those white trousers. I saw a snapshot. : )



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Katie & her Coley

It was a chilly, windy fall day in Elkhorn when Katie + Coley  got married… you could say she was a bride-cicle. And I’m so thankful for their trust though… because believe me: given a choice to stay cozy and warm in the church or go wandering in the parking lot with 30 mph gusts for some  photo adventure, they would have rather stayed inside. Well worth it. I have a 20×30 sample in the studio to prove it. yay!

flowers: Found & Flora, Wahoo,NE

reception: Old Mattress Factory, Omaha

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week 45

fatigue has set in on this photo challenge. I am about ready to give up.

tell me not to! I need encouragement!!!!!!!

this is my view when I eat breakfast : )

project 26

making the infamous homemade scratch off tickets.

epic fail.

project 27

my mom and Deb helping me wash windows.

I. owe. them. big.

project 28

how many rum and cokes had rachel had?

that’s a surgeon’s skill right there.

why we call her Dr. Rachel.

project 29

new puppy day!!

project 30

he really is the sweetest. a full post coming soon.

project 31

chicken curry!

here’s the recipe. AMAZING.

project 32

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SIP ribbon cutting!


It’s official! I’m legit!

What a wonderful feeling. I’m floating on air.

It’s great to feel such support from my community, family, friends, peers…

I was glad that both of my grandmas made it and it made me feel so special. And while I didn’t really get a chance to take hardly any photos during, it was standing room only for a while there.

Thanks everyone who made it. : )

ribbon 62
ribbon 63
ribbon 64
ribbon 65
ribbon 66

I attempted some homemade scratch tickets.

my technique needed refining, but it was a fun little thing that was different and unexpected, anyway.

ribbon 67
ribbon 68
ribbon 69

not pictured: candied bacon.

1/2 cup of maple syrup + 1 tsp dijon mustard.

brush on raw bacon and bake.

you’ll want to brush your teeth with it.

ribbon 70
ribbon 71

I just now realized this looks a little bit bump-ish.

so NOT pregnant, folks.

ribbon 72
ribbon 73
ribbon 74
ribbon 75
ribbon 76
ribbon 77
ribbon 78
ribbon 79

thank you, too, to Found & Flora for my beautiful arrangements and wreath!

note to self: surround yourself with eucalyptus every chance you get. smells heavenly.

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Megan O'DeaNovember 13, 2013 - 10:47 pm

Congratulations Stacy! Everything looks spectacular and so do you!! Happy for you.

the Hauswald family

When we first moved to Wahoo, people would always drop the name ” Dr. Tyler “

Naturally, I assumed this ” Dr. Tyler ” was Mr. Tyler and had a whole family of “Tylers.”


Turns out, THIS is Tyler Hauswald and his family! He is a PA, but everyone endearingly calls him

” Dr. Tyler.”

Pretty cute. But then again, that’s Wahoo for you.

We really do adore living in this adorable place.

His wife, Shannon, is a sweetheart and so are their kiddos! I love how a sweet little ladybug came along right at the beginning of our session and brought everyone to a stand-still. She was a great reminder to slow down and soak in the moment.

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ShannonNovember 13, 2013 - 8:03 pm

Stacy, thanks for sharing these photos. It reminded me how much FUN we had capturing these sweet moments and how truly gifted you are! The kids keep asking when we are going to do more, they had a ball and were so comfortable around you. Thank you for these precious memories!

DonnaNovember 15, 2013 - 2:44 pm

Shannon thank you for sharing all these pictures they are so beautiful you are a beautiful family love you all

Mr. & Mrs. Fritzen!

Here we have Lynelle and her Jason. I used to work with Jason when we lived in Kearney and Lynelle worked at my gym! They are very athletic (both their jobs require them to be!) and are so fun loving. You can’t help but smile when you’re around them. When we first arrived and found Lynelle in the loft getting ready, she was on the verge of tears. She was so happy that the day had finally come that emotion was just ready to pour out. It was a beautiful day in September and couldn’t have asked for more.

Aren’t the fireworks AMAZING? A wedding gift from his Doctor, Dr. Mahalek.

What? YOUR doctor doesn’t give you a custom fireworks show every time you get married?

I should tell you that Jason is a PA and works for a pyro.

haha ; )

venue: Stone Creek in McCool Junction, NE

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the yates family

yates 16

Cara + London + Charles

Mama, Cara, is a wedding photographer in Gretna and is expecting baby No. 2. She is talented, funny, and has a sweet way with words (below)

…and thank you Instagram for connecting strangers everyday. : )

Thank you a million times over. You have an incredible style and a brilliant talent and we are blessed to have such beautiful images.
I fell in love with your work over Instagram and when I met you in person I fell even harder. ha ha:)

yates 08
yates 02
yates 17
yates 13
yates 12
yates 28
yates 41
yates 42
yates 18
yates 20

Cara…. you’ve touched my heart!


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