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So recently I’ve been appointed some responsibility.

1. I’m the new president for our P.E.O. Wahoo Chapter I

2. I’m the new VP of the Wahoo Chamber of Commerce

so…. I feel I should look my best when I go to meetings and what not. I mean, I always try to look okay when I leave the house because every time you leave the house as a small business owner, you’re representing yourself. So needless to say I’ve been splurging and treating myself to gel manicures lately. I used to HATE these things. Until, that is, I discovered that they will take it off for you at the salon. boom. sign me up.

So normally I’ve been going with a nude shade that looks so natural you can’t even tell I’ve had them done, except for the fact that it gives me worry-free fingernails for 2 weeks. : )  And this last time was no different. But I’m pretty sure the nail tech chose the wrong stinking swatch because my nails are blatantly PINK. I hate pink. Pink is for babies. What do you think? I’m stuck with these nails for 2 weeks.

So say you love them. lol

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MelodyApril 7, 2014 - 2:21 pm

They look beautifil! It’s just the right shade of pink… not baby girlish at all. :)

items for sale * UPDATED *

Spring cleaning around here and there’s some stuff that’s gotta go.


pick up in WAHOO, NE preferably in the next 7-10 days.

email to inquire.

ideus 63

VINTAGE TYPEWRITER. works, but probably needs a new ribbon.

complete with custom corduroy embroidered cover and case!

asking $25

ideus 64
ideus 65
ideus 66

ideus 76

VINTAGE STOOL. great springs and pretty floral fabric.

asking $25

again, pick up in WAHOO, NE only

preferably within the next 7-10 days.


ideus 77

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sold out workshop!

deyos 39

another successful [sold out!] PPN Focus Workshop!

thank you so much to Jason, Rich, JoAnn, and Ron Deyo (and can’t forget Buddy their dog) for hosting an enlightening experience focused on senior photography. their studio is so grand we all left feeling inspired to capture the spirit of these young, energetic 12th graders.

pssst… now booking SIP seniors for class of 2015!

deyos 40
deyos 41
deyos 42
deyos 43
deyos 44
deyos 45
deyos 46
hope you all have a great weekend… we’re going to try to catch a baseball game in between my sessions on Saturday. Hope it’s nice weather! The forecast keeps changing…. grrrrr

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you make beautiful things

this last weekend was spent at a girlfriend’s retreat in Nebraska City praising God and getting in close with fellowship. I’m so thankful for my friend Sarah inviting me along. It was just what my soul needed to get through this last bit of Winter before the newness of Spring.

‘Blessed are those who need God enough to know Him enough to know that He’s enough.’

-Beth Moore


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