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our trip to austin!

what a craaaazy weekend. i love these girls!!!!

Austin is a great city to just let loose in. an automatic 10 lbs gained (headed to the gym right after this) and the people watching is unbelievable. I think the best moment for me was eating a piece of Homeslice pizza and drinking a Lone Star right there on the street watching people. I could do that every afternoon.

missed you Mandy!

see more pics on instagram #nebraskaphotogsdoaustin

TWO unicorns accompanied us.

I’m LOVING this poloroid FUJI instax i got for Christmas. : )

5 girls, 1 bathroom. 2 blowdryers. 874 towels.

we never did eat here, but the line was always cra

giant jenga!

Lad, the Rescue Dog

Lucy’s Fried Chicken!

my birthday twin, Benji, and maker of the best bloody mary in existence!

got to see some familiar faces, too!

til next time!!

happy birthday, Mona + Sophia!!

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on winter break

here’s a glimpse into a fun shoot I did with my little cousin Jessi (who obviously isn’t so little… she’s taller than me now and willowy and gorgeous like a boss) and her blonde, equally gorgeous friend, Katie. we took these in the strange house over their winter break and could have honestly shot here for 8 more hours. every room offers another surprise; another amazing vintage find. i won’t tell you about the crunchy mouse body I stepped on; oh, no. But I will tell you about the winter sun that came streaming into every window—- and i usually loathe the winter sun because it’s way to bright and suffocating —-but here at this cra cra house I discovered that he and I can get along. And again— I’m OBSESSED with this library.

below is one of the images I entered into competition last weekend.

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it’s award season

ask me how lucky I feel about now!

I would say ‘very,’ naturally, but I have to thank PPN, my parents for their cheerleading, my models (Ron + Jessi) and all my brides and grooms for their trust in my artistic vision. But especially my fellow photographers: YOU make me strive to be a better person and a better photographer. This past weekend at PPN conference, I was blessed to have won:

  • The Les Hassell award for best print of show
  • 1st Place top 10 non-masters
  • 4×4 award
  • Wedding Photographer of the Year

best print of show!

….and the following images were pulled from my entered wedding albums.

and here are a few snapshots from the weekend…

it was soooo windy!

some new and some old friends : )

had a great time scrounging around for decor to fit Jeff’s chosen ‘Blues’ theme which is incredibly hard to pull off tastefully without it looking like a little kid’s birthday party with sunglasses. A huge thank you to Jim Simons at Simon Says Antiques who lent us half a dozen + vintage instruments.


Damon Tucci… kick ass wedding photographer from Florida (with the beard)

photo by Brian Baer


photo by Ron Deyo

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ChristineJanuary 24, 2014 - 3:47 pm

awesome! Way to go Stacy

2014 imaging in phoenix

where’s the best place to be in January? Pretty much anywhere South of Nebraska. SO happy we decided to go to Phoenix for Imaging again this year! ALWAYS a good time… but who am I kidding? We could be given a turd and a piece of string and we’d make it fun. It’s just who we are. : )

Some Nebraska PPNers took the trip and went to this PPA affiliate meeting… it was all day (8 hrs of a cold conference room) but we got so much incredible information and leadership training. It was also quite an exciting thing to meet other Pro Photography board of directors, etc… from other states and see how they do things. Sarah and I are even headed over to Iowa in February to visit their conference. So super pumped for that. We learned that we’re actually quite ahead of the curve when it comes to ‘cutting edge’ board of director stuff. For the most part, we found out we are rockstars and nebraska just rocks in general… but we already knew that. Except in January when it’s 0 degrees. And when the Huskers lose.

While we were there, we ate at some really great places—our favorite was these fish tacos at Gallo Blanco and pasta at a place called Strand. Getting around the city of Phoenix was super great because of this public train they have (we stayed at the Holiday Inn just 1 block from a station and it was just 3 stops to the conference center) and we got rooms for … are you sitting?  $61/night~ free breakfast, free wi fi, free drinks (courtesy of some guys there for a dirt bike conference of their own) and free parking. It was really a dream!

we also went hiking and shopping and took a very amazing 2 hour nap one day.

oh, and I stayed a couple extra days to visit my aunt and uncle.

such fun!

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shameful things

oh, we’ve been naughty and we’ve gotta a mess to clean up.

shameful things have been going on here like on Christmas Eve when we dressed the baby puppy in a pair of jammies and took his picture repeatedly. but what we gotta deal with now is our basement. It’s time. We can no longer drop breadcrumbs to find our way to find the washing machine.

1. because Tyson would eat them (not Arrow…. he still can’t figure out the stairs. they frighten him)

and 2. Tyson would eat them.

arrow 58

this is the current state of our basement.


makes me sick to my stomach.

Mom, look away.

so this is what we’ll be busy doing the rest of this week.

if I don’t blog again by Friday, I got trapped under something heavy.


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a strange house

the images you are about to see were taken of an existing house. it is the house that my uncle’s wife grew up in in rural Nebraska with her farming parents and 3 beautiful sisters. it is vacant, beautiful, and strange. Built in 1965 by a Colorado architect, it was really ahead of it’s time. I mean, people think I’m crazy when I would describe this house to them. A sofa hung from the ceiling? A carpeted dresser? seriously, Stace… you gotta be high on crack.

The designer they hired was, well, we’ll call him ‘on trend?’ Seemingly no expense was spared to have the high-end non-standards of the time (can’t find this stuff at Menards off-the-shelf) and walking into it in 2014 is like walking back into 1965. I actually love it. It’s unique and spacious and quite the conversation starter. I picture Don and Megan Draper entertaining in the great room listening to The Who on the record player drinking Manhattens. Only that would never happen because like I said, this house is in the middle of nowhere on a hog farm. I think that’s what really makes it so bizarre is that it’s such a modern wackadoo house in the middle of country kitchville.

The family uses is mainly as storage—where they take their old furniture and bridesmaid’s dresses to die— and the occasional farmhand stays here in peak season. But my purpose for this house is to share it with the world (because it cannot possibly be described adequately with words) and to do a shoot just for me. It’s vital to my creative side. We [my sweet red-headed cousin Jessi and her friend Katie)  shot for 5 hours and we didn’t eat and we didn’t drink and we wouldn’t have stopped but it got dark. We were having such a good time, mostly shooting in the awesome library. I’m so inspired by that damn room! I want to pick it up and move it to Wahoo.

Think they’d notice?

harrington 01
harrington 02
harrington 03
harrington 04
harrington 05
harrington 06

this room I think is the only one that has had a facelift since it’s build year. The walls originally had orange carpet on the walls (instead of the light pink); the swinging sofa was green leather, and there was a low hipster sectional sofa that was black.

harrington 07
harrington 08

the striped door below is the ‘front’ door, but everyone usually enters through the kitchen.

harrington 09
harrington 10
harrington 11

custom made ‘S’ shaped table with, not chairs, but alternating black and orange ottomans (against the wall)

harrington 12
harrington 13

2 sisters in each bedroom…originally there were twin beds under the lamps.

harrington 14
harrington 15

I’m obsessed with all the ceilings.

harrington 16
harrington 17
harrington 18
harrington 19

perhaps the craziest room… the master bathroom.

harrington 20
harrington 21

I don’t know why people don’t think it’s cool to carpet a wall in their bathroom. Especially a nice, thick pile in an ‘earthy’ color. And then install a bathtub where the water falls out of the wall from 4 feet in the air so it can splash everywhere and make the carpet smell so nice after decades and decades.

harrington 22
harrington 23

….and then proceed to go ahead and carpet the dresser so you don’t even need a towel. You can just rub up your clean, wet body to the wall to dry off.

harrington 24
harrington 25

but now onto my favorite room : )

harrington 26
harrington 27
harrington 28
harrington 29
harrington 30
this room is truly like being in a fairytale of mine. so cool.

I’ll post pics from our shoot soon… I’m entering them into competition, so gotta wait til after that~

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CourtneyJanuary 8, 2014 - 2:24 pm

How fabulous! While scrolling through the photos I wondered if you’d submit them to be published :) Good luck!!

kaitlynJanuary 8, 2014 - 4:03 pm

very cool! I was cracking up at rubbing your wet body on the carpeted dresser. It reminded me of the carpeted van on Dumb and Dumber. Sensory issues? It is so un-Nebraska for sure. When it goes to market you should probably buy it and turn it into a hipster party pad.

ShellyJanuary 8, 2014 - 4:33 pm

Awesome Photos! Crazy House! I think this house would freak me out. I am much more linear and structured. It is almost like being in Alice in Wonderland where everything is a little “off”. The library is cool to look at – but, I don’t think I could stay there too long! HAHA

Gynae BantzJanuary 9, 2014 - 4:29 am

Wow. I have never seen anything like this, especially in Nebraska! I find myself going back to look at these photos again & again. Thanks for sharing Stacy :)