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Chelsea & Joe = married!

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Chelsea + Joe got married the first weekend of April and everybody is aware of how risky that is for a Nebraska wedding. Lots of prayers went out to order a beautiful day with minimal wind and lots of sunshine… and they were sooooorta answered. It wasn’t TOO cold and it wasn’t TOO windy. Beggers can’t we choosers and it ended up being a perfect day for Mr. and Mrs. Bailey to wed. The flowers were phenomenal and so was the pink champagne cake. Second shot with Jeremy Wieczorek. Thank you thank you, sir, for doing such a great job shooting with me!

church: Peace Presbyterian Church, Omaha

reception: Fountains West

floral: Beyond the Vine

cake: The Cake Gallery

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built-in BEFORE & AFTER

we spent 8 months renovating the first floor of our home in 2011. see that progress HERE.

it included tearing out 3 walls, replacing the trim, doors, flooring; the entire kitchen, installing lights (there were zero fixtures in the entire ceiling before! it was very very dark and completely reliant upon lamplight. not for us.), painting every vertical surface, and  ….. then we were just tired and done dealing with it. we turned our attention to the studio addition then and now we finally have had time to ‘finish’ phase 1.

where our built-in is located used to be the master closet. we have been using a spare room as our closet ever since… and now therefore, I’m used to having lots and lots of room as a boudoir and will cry when I’m confined to a closet again, but it was definitely worth taking out to have more space in the living room. no regrets! we LOVE the final look and the room finally feels ‘done.’

it took (from planning til the doors went on) about 2 months to complete.


ideus 007


ideus 001
ideus 002
ideus 003

THANK YOU so much to Ryan, my Dad, and my uncle Jim for making this happen!

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Debora WilcoxApril 23, 2014 - 6:33 pm

Looks so good! Love it!

MichelleApril 24, 2014 - 12:52 am

SOO awesome!!

prom and a restyle

This weekend my little cousin had her first prom and I got to be there to help her with her makeup and give my Aunt moral support. It was super fun to see all the beautiful dresses, too. She goes to Cross County by Benedict and prom is a super huge deal… maybe it is in all small schools… I came from a town of 13,000. But here practically the whole town goes to the school and watches them ‘promenade’ in the gym. They get announced with their date and everyone gets to oooh and awww basically. Then they come down the aisle again to be funny. This group of wrestlers came out in their little leotards (which you know they probably had on under their tuxedos all through dinner.) Jessi got home at 4am and we didn’t really see her again until the evening when she stumbled down to supper. I think she had a good time. : )

And it snowed! What was that?!  It snowed all day yesterday while we did a little bit of house cleaning and redesigning for my Aunt Jenni and Uncle Mike. I’ve been working on their project since February and still have the master bedroom to go…It’s never really had any attention paid to it… there is patches in the drywall and no headboard. Maybe some of you with kids can relate? anyway, theres lots of custom stuff in there because we’re basically starting from scratch so that project is ongoing until June. My Aunt and Uncle’s kids are 14 and 12 and my Aunt said “It’s time to reclaim her house!” She’s finally giving their home the time and energy it needs to declutter and decorate the way she wants. Glad I can help her out. And they took our table so we are on the hunt for a new one.

for a Freshman in highschool, she looks darn near 25.

Her date, Jake, is a pretty hilarious guy I guess.

he asked her to prom via email.

weird theme for April, but it was ‘Frozen in Time’

the dresses looked 100% fabulous under that spotlight.

so glimmery.

after the walk-through, you guessed it. more pictures.

we finally left there at 9 so the dance could start!

my Aunt Jenni with the cousins Jessi + Thomas

now onto the design project.

Can you believe all this fit in my car!

1 trip!

the pile for consignment was large to begin with and the more we dug, the more came out of the deep corners of the basement. Including the treadmill that weighed 784,110 pounds.

their old table went to the basement…

ever used a steamer before?? they work amazing for curtains.

the living room BEFORE


the basement has never really had any attention either.

it needed some major art on the wall!

Jessi is a little bit of a hoarder of art supplies.

downstairs family room BEFORE

the art wall AFTER

the dining room BEFORE


don’t you think our table looks better in their house than in ours?

I still love the table… it just didn’t suit our lifestyle.

it truly belongs in their house.

hope you enjoyed their little house tour… it’s an old old farmhouse that’s HUGE. I’ll try to remember to post finished pictures of their bedroom if it ever gets finished! It’s quite overwhelming. My Aunt runs her own greenhouse and, well, obviously her busy season is upon us. So it’s all me! in between my busy season.

Hope you had a good weekend too!

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SIP session giveaway!

session giveaway

that gives you TWO full weeks to think about what you’ll wear if you win ; )

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Heather NApril 14, 2014 - 1:54 pm

I would love this!

TracyApril 14, 2014 - 3:02 pm

Well this would be awesome! :)

ErinApril 14, 2014 - 8:49 pm

It would be so amazing to win!

KirstenApril 15, 2014 - 1:28 pm

What an amazing giveaway!!! WooHoo!! This would be awesome to win!!

Leah BApril 15, 2014 - 2:44 pm

It’s been 6 years since you have taken photos of my kiddos and I would love to have updated pictures of them!

Stephanie KastlerApril 15, 2014 - 5:50 pm


Courtney LockridgeApril 15, 2014 - 8:07 pm

I’m an IG fan and would love to be entered into the contest! Woot! Woot!

Misty MApril 16, 2014 - 2:55 pm

I would love you to capture our growing family…it has been two years since you did Brynley’s 1 year! Still love your work and cherish my pics…

happy friday!

this weekend is my little cousin’s first prom and I’m helping my aunt on the farm do some design work in their house. so I’ll get to be there to see her get all pretty (and nervous) before her date comes to pick her up. it’s funny how it makes me think back to my first prom— which was also my first DATE ever as well as my first ‘slow dance’ ever. Ironically I didn’t go with Ryan to prom that year, but that’s the very night we met. haha

hope you all have a very nice weekend!

photo: Ashley + Wayne, getting married in November!

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new floor at SCLP!

down at the pet rescue, we feel so blessed to get some very generous donations — some from anonymous folks, some from sweet people who just love their town, and also from the middle schoolers who had a contest to see whose homeroom could raise the most funds (they actually donated over $1,000!). Congrats to the sixth graders! They get to come play with the animals and ditch school as their prize.

so with that, the board voted YES to resurfacing the floor! much needed and it’s now finished and GORGEOUS.

easier to clean, brighter, cleaner, and it smells oh so nice in there.

like new plastic.

but with a new floor, comes the disassembly and movement of every single big and little thing in the entire building. wow. that was a ton of work! our regular crew of volunteers worked SO hard to empty the building, clean, and still keep things operational during the floor installation — which took 7 whole days of cats and dogs living together in very close quarters. And it was a total act of God that our numbers happen to be very low right now with just 2 rescue dogs in-house and 25 cats.

So if you’re in the hood, stop by and visit! we love showing it off!

here is the main room BEFORE:

our building is the old Co-op, so the floor was the original concrete.

hard to clean and not to mention dark.

a great opportunity to DEEP clean and scrub a dub dub.

the doggies had no clue.

the professional floor men.

first they had to grind down the entire floor and fill in cracks, etc…

= a huge dusty mess.

what a transformation!!!!!


yesterday we spent the day moving back in.

we had to do some angels on the floor to Christen it!

we LOVE it!!

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MichelleApril 12, 2014 - 1:35 am

Awesome!! Winston will be visiting/boarding in July for a few days!