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eat at yia yias

here are some reasons I love winter (they are few):




you can use any excuse to drink


photogs get a LOT more free time in winter.

(can I get a woot woot!?)


frequent couch time is a-okay


my brain quiets down from noise and I get super inspired for SPRING.

Gary likes winter best because of all the togetherness.

I can’t wait until January! Winter conference and Pheonix for Imaging.

this is Lauren! she up and moved out of state on us, but she’s the one responsible for the amazing colorful wall and table artwork at Yia Yias.

Downtown lincoln   |   1423 o street

…where the staff is as colorful as the walls, the pizza is gourmet and the beer is ice cold.

we get our Christmas card pics taken today!

I’ll share them when we get them back.:)

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a newborn workshop!

who can resist a fat, chubby sleepy newborn?

i don’t often photograph these little dudes, but I’m hosting a 1-day workshop for PPN Education this coming Monday, December 9th. Rutheah Rodehorst from kearney is coming with her newborn tricks + tips. Attendees is capped at 15 because of our little  model newborn’s lack of immunity, but I think there are still a couple spots remaining if you’d like to join in the fun.

monday december 9

9am to 4pm

lunch on your own

open to PPN members or non-members


register online at:

View More: pics-2PPN pics-3PPN pics-5

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Tom and Jess

malander 53

I’ve always expressed my love for second shooting. no pressure… just wild creativity.

Erin Stoll asked me to shoot with her on Jess + Tom’s wedding in Seward a couple weeks ago and I got really excited because A. I’d never shot with her before and B. our styles are very different. She is traditional and begins shooting at 9am! I’m more artistic and casual and usually don’t get there until a few hours before the ceremony. But I think that’s the best recipe… Jess and Tom now have a huge variety in their image collection and we got to mix it up.


Sure… the second shooter often gets stuck with the hum-drum tasks:  shooting flowers, shooting rings… cups and ice. (#friends)

but I kinda like it. more second shooting please!

malander 35
malander 36

perhaps my favorite shot of the day. I love the contrast and her stunning timelessness.

malander 37

malander 39

malander 38

malander 40
malander 41
malander 42
malander 43
malander 44

they were ADORABLE at their first look. like little giggly 7 yr olds.

malander 45
malander 46
malander 47
malander 48
malander 49
malander 50
malander 51
malander 52

malander 54
malander 55
malander 56
malander 57
malander 58
malander 59
malander 60
malander 61
malander 62
malander 63
malander 64
malander 65
malander 66
malander 67
malander 68
malander 69
malander 70
malander 71
malander 72
malander 73
malander 74
malander 75
malander 76
malander 77
malander 78
malander 79
malander 80
malander 81
malander 82
malander 83
malander 84
malander 85
malander 86
malander 87
malander 88
malander 89
malander 90
malander 91
malander 92
malander 93
malander 94
malander 95



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KarlaDecember 4, 2013 - 8:00 pm

The bride is beautiful. The lighting and the color is gorgeous in the outdoor photos.


hope you’re all enjoying these last nice days before winter comes tomorrow!

we Wahooligans are extra happy because tonight is our downtown lighting ceremony… it happens every year. Shopkeepers open late and the people of the town gather on main street Who-ville style and see the tree light up. There’s singing and hand-holding and general merriment.

card game shenanigans with Jameson and Emily.

my aunt and uncle dressed alike. unplanned. #cute

put out winter decorations on Friday… no tree this year due to Mr. Arrow.


God gave us a pretty sunset on Sunday…

took 2 SCLP dogs to the state pen yesterday am!

they graduate in 9 weeks… ‘second chance pups’

the prisoners train them to be awesome and some may even go on to additional training in Minnesota to learn unique skills to aid Veterans. (they even train them to wake up their owner if they have night terrors. can you believe it!!)

dogs are amazing creatures.

have a happy first week of December, all!

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week 47

It’s cold… all I feel like doing is cooking, eating, sleeping, snuggling the new puppy, and enjoying some spirits. exercising is totally off my list (but I plan to start running again soon to take advantage of our civic center membership) but know what IS on my list?? ARIZONA in JANUARY!! for a photography conference and to see my aunt and uncle. Can’t wait!!

my friend Sarah finally came back from CHINA! She got me such a beautiful scarf. we had coffee and scones to celebrate.

successfully got Deb hooked on Orange is the new Black.

so glad things are slowing down enough to bring back our binge watching rituals.

stupid continuing ed BS.  yawn.

the neighbor dog to put it lightly: has looked better. poor hank. he’d a really liked a slurp of my merlot, I’m sure.

Arrow’s first long car trip (to Lincoln if you can call that ‘long’)

i hug myself every time i discover something delicious and ready made in the freezer. I was a smart girl to make all that soup from our squash surplus in August. it was mm mmmm good.

puppy shots. he fell asleep in the waiting room.

God: please let him stay this mellow.

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Happy Friday!

simeon 33

happy Friday!!

This is my last big weekend push for sessions… I’m ready for a break to be honest. As are all my other photographer friends!

cheers, fellow PPNers! Let’s go out with a bang!

May our shutters be quick and our creativity be thriving.

pictured here: the sweet and adorable Simeon family

(on a very very cold and windy morning…but you wouldn’t know it)

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EmilyNovember 22, 2013 - 4:33 pm

Yay! Love the Simeons! Such a gorgeous family inside and out!