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HAPPY MONDAY! we had a lovely weekend…our first snow all day Saturday! i had plans to get together with some girl friends for a cookie exchange, but the roads didn’t look fun and  our buddy JJ came to stay… and I forced him to let me take his pic (hey! he needed an updated photo for his Mother, anyhow) I’ll post those soon!  our neighbors came over to eat chicken wings and watch sports, we sang Christmas Carols, and had the bank Christmas Party last night! something i ate yesterday didn’t quite agree with me, however… i woke up at 4 with an upset tummy. : (    eh… don’t think that will stop me from eating a couple of the gingersnaps we got at a bake sale yesterday. : )  here are some snowy pics i took in the yard and some from saturday night…. enjoy!

question: what are your thoughts on christmas shopping and gift giving in general?  i am an only child, and i shamefully admit that i got a lot of gifts every year. of course when i was little, i was all about it. but as i grew older… the more i realized that “gee… i will never get to be an aunt… i will never have a sister to bond with… i will die alone.”  (okay not that last thing…)   so now my thought is to spend money on big purchases that benefit several people. whether it be a new TV as a “together’ gift to invite friends over for movie night, something practical (like stuff for the kitchen), or even a vacation or an activity that we can make memories doing (crazy white elephant gift exchanges are so fun! more, please) . I’m all about this kind of gift giving.  i don’t care for the loud commercials urging people to spend spend spend! it pains me to think of all the things that are mass-produced and not even made to last.  i’m for quality…not quantity.    I am so thankful that all our basic needs are met: a roof to keep us warm and dry, food on our table, and lots of love in our hearts. the things on my wish list are just things: things i wish for. someday…when i have extra spending money and room in the house to spare. (remember my monster clean-out?!) i keep a list so i don’t blow it on impulse. to be goal-driven and thoughtful about where my money goes. owning a business has certainly taught me that! : ) that and being married to a banker. haha     what’s on your wish list? I stumbled upon THIS fail-proof list for ladies, too! LOVE.









1.  iphone! i think i get to have one of my own soon! no more playing with everyone else’s!


2. Fossil coin purse. easier to carry this little guy to the vending machine instead of my big clunky bag.


3. compact mirror for my purse. i never seem to have a mirror when i need one!


4.  still want my perfect red sweater.


5.  electronic meat thermometer  i don’t really care which model… just something simple without a zillion confusing buttons.


6. Julie & Julia on DVD. I’ve seen this movie about 7 times, but i love it! and it’s not on Netflix any longer. : (    I’d also love to have Yes man with Jim Carey and Zooey DeChannel. She’ s my favorite!


7. tall brown boots. i have grey and 2 pairs of black… no brown.


8. this fossil bag! it doesn’t fit cross-body like my current bag (SO nice for shopping…. i wander away from the shopping cart too often to keep my purse in with my groceries). kinda expensive, but i think it’s classic, durable, and worth the investment. i’ve made an educated decision to go with fossil bags from now on. LOVE them. forever vintage!


9. Decorate    a book by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick   very inspiring images!

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AshleyDecember 8, 2011 - 3:26 am

Nice pics from last weekend! The snow ones are really pretty :) Love the one of Hanky giving me lots of kisses.

new phone? could be!

a little birdie told me that i’m getting an iPhone!!!  my hubby is the bestest! the whole thought of getting a new phone is exciting. new features… apps… a whole new feel and weight in my hand entirely. CRAZY how much we rely on these little chucks of plastic and micro chips. I try to not let it be within arms length at all times… but it seems like just when i’m starting to finally enjoy life without the constant technology connection, i find my phone has 4 missed calls, voicemail messages, missed texts that have been sitting there for hours patiently waiting for a reply. *sigh*  and i have been using my phone so much for quick daily snapshots that i suppposssssse it’s a good idea to carry it around with me always. but i refuse to get a case for it or attach it to my body by any means. Ry is strongly against this. “what if you drop it?” “what if it get’s pepsi spilled on it?” “what if an angry squirrel runs off with it?”    SO?  cases are traditionally bulky and clunky, and i prefer my phone to be kept sleek and light and as the manufacture intended. besides: any purse i buy has a convenient side pouch for such a thing. i consider it my phone-baby bjorn. : )  now onto some pics!  these are some random pics i’ve been hoarding on my phone for the past 3 or 4 months. they’re just for fun. (and a lot easier to capture when i’m not lugging around my “good” camera)….

1. we stopped by a home improvement store (ryan has a fetish with home improvement stores…. i usually am just along for the ride and moral support).   but seriously?!  where else can you buy electronics and hidden valley just inches away from one another?

2. another trip to the home improvement store on a sunday and the light was just perfect on the car seat. i heart this image.

3. this is tyson’s 2nd favorite spot in the house.

4. the wahoo pool had a doggie swim night (the night before it was drained for the summer, of course). they had so much fun!

5. what i just had done to my hair! the darkest portion is a slight shade of eggplant. : )

6. is it a lamb? is it a dog? it’s toby….who reluctantly let me wrap him up like a baby.

7. this was a storm that went right over kearney… from my aunt and uncles driveway while i was in town shooting.

8. the. best. smelling. lotion. ever.  smells like almond extract! ….which i can’t seem to get enough of in my diet.

9. this is a little dog statue that lives on top of our microwave cupboard. when the track light hits it, his shadow looks like a toby-sized dog is perched on our curtain rod.

10.  shopping one day and saw this…. i want ryan to make me one.

11. Hank Thomalla. he lives a couple houses down. he stayed with us for a few days while his folks were in Chicago. they brought us back the BEST EVER popcorn. I could really really go for some right now!!

12. some cover band that was playing at Two Fine Irishmen in West Omaha when we went out to celebrate all the fall birthdays with PPN.

13. taken in fremont… photo shoot location scouting.  didn’t end up shooting here because the sun went down too fast. darn.

14.  the place of our own little photo shoot last month : )

15. can’t remember which Husker game…. i actually hate all sports (even though i worked at a sports medicine clinic for 8 years!)

16. date night… ate at Charlestons. mucho gusto.

17. random pic

18. my dad likes stuff like this.

19. this is where tyson can be found most week nights.

20. tree lighting ceremony downtown…. right after santa flipped the switch

21. my buddy sheila and i drooling over this beautiful appliance. too bad it costs 11K and is as big as a smart car.

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UPDATE -equipment for sale!

christmas will be here soon! i thought it only fitting since it’s “cyber monday” to post some things for you to purchase…. and boy do i have some gift ideas for the photographer in your life…. or just to buy YOURSELF! : )  go ahead… you deserve it.  please email  to purchase or for more information. cash, personal check, or PayPal accepted. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

epiphanie camera bag…style: Ginger   great condition. new $164.99        asking $100

jill-e camera bag…style: Jack   good condition. new $289.99         asking $150

AF 28-75mm f 2.8 Tamron lens for Canon   refurbished in good condition.  new $449.00        asking $250

AF 18-250mm f 3.5-6.3 Tamron lens for Canon  like new condition.  i paid $689.99 new.      asking $400

Phoenix super fish eye lens 0.25X  with converter. like new condition.  i paid $99.99 new.      asking $50

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the yocom family

you can guess the theme of their holiday card this year…. yup! ‘peace on earth!’ ‘joy to the world!’ absolutely perfect for this awesome family. taken on wahoo’s own lake wanahoo… thanks to tim we had plenty of beautiful, flat stones to skip across the water. i, however, cannot skip a stone to save my life! i failed… but maybe with some practice. laurie gets the prize, though! one of hers skipped, like, 12 times!’t was so pretty the evening of our shoot. the weather was clear, the wind was calm. and there’s this gravel road that goes across the dam and every time a big truck would go across, it created this mystic ‘smoke’ for us across the water. breathtaking and inspiring. we have only God to thank for the beauty that surrounds us. : )  Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year?

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jameson family stay-cation

ry takes off a whole week every november to go hunting with his dad, brother, and nephews. I had the luxury of attending this year to ‘help’… for part of the week anyway. i cut up a deer for the first time. it wasn’t as bad as i expected it to be… i just kept thinking to myself  “this meat is organic“, “this deer was an orphan and nobody is missing him“, “there are starving people in africa.”   but ever since ry invested in a dehydrator, i smell the raw meat and the jerky spices for hours and hours while it does it’s thing and i just can’t enjoy eating bambi anymore. : (

this week was a pretty hectic week, actually. i helped cut up deer and work on our rental house for a few days at the beginning of last week…. then i headed to kearney for 24 hours for a few photo shoots. [side note: i am wahoo public library's newest member, in which i checked out an audio book for all the car time i had. i urge everyone to read the art of racing in the rain.  such a great book.]  then i went back to wahoo to re-pack (for the 3rd time) and headed to Nebraska City for a little family stay-cation. my grandma Helen turned 82 on halloween and we felt the need to celebrate with wine, apples, and some pretty countryside. we had a great time!

it’s such a beautiful place to visit any time of year… it was pretty chilly during our stay, but i definitely plan to go back with ry to golf and hike. did you know that hazelnuts are grown here?! we stayed at lied lodge, attended a wine dinner at slattery vintage estates, shopped the local antique stores (dad got bored, so he got a manicure!), and went to kimmel orchard. we all came home with apple cider, cherry cider, wine, apples, fudge… blah. i have a sick tummy just thinking about all the stuff we splurged on! but all well worth it. and you betcha i’m making apple crisp tonight for our buddies coming over. : ) happy birthday grandma!!

can anybody recommend more good places or things to do within 2-3 hours travel to go on our next stay-cation??

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SheilaNovember 22, 2011 - 10:56 pm

Love it! I’ve been to the Lied Lodge for dinner and hikes. So fun! Love the pictures! Looks like a good time! Your dad looks soooo happy!

TaraNovember 23, 2011 - 7:47 pm

How fun!! The bungalows, along with everthything else look so cute!

stacyNovember 30, 2011 - 7:18 pm

Tara: it would be a fun place to go the whole bunch of us! there pool is AMAZING.

get out your stretchy pants and fuzzy slippers

winter’s coming. the landscape is changing. things are cold, dry, and to some folks…ugly. I find myself shooting a lot more in black and white in the winter months. not only because it seems like the only thing people want to wear are neutrals… partly because that’s the only thing that the stores are supplying, but mostly because it’s a safe choice. i don’t mind… as long as there are layers and textures to make up for it…. but speaking of colors…when did we americans get so phobic of wearing color? it’s not a high-committment thing. like choosing countertops or bathroom tile. i’ve been trying really hard to wear more color, as well as actually wear everything in my closet. and trying to stay away from black and brown and grey. watching project runway helps inspire me to take more risks. MAN i love that show! I wish i could sew things….i wish i had wooden hangers.  i wish i could watch SNL live in the studio audience (random…but very high on my bucket list! k… having said that, that’s inspiring me to write a formal bucket list for a blog post another day). i really wish someone would wear  a bright red sweater mixed among the blah winter brush and let me photograph them. i think nothing is more beautiful. lately, i’m on high alert for one particularly RED sweater for my own closet… maybe i’ll just give in and buy that one from anthro. (christmas is coming soon, though…. maybe i’ll get some moolah!)

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the kirkpatrick family

this location + this family + amazingly beautiful weather = idyllic fall photo shoot. thank you Brent, Jes, Addy, and Gage for the very fun afternoon : )

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jessicaNovember 11, 2011 - 12:34 am

Thank You Stacy for the wonderful pictures! we love them : )

MonaNovember 17, 2011 - 2:52 am

Beautiful session Stac!!

JessieNovember 29, 2011 - 10:18 pm

This might be a long shot, but I LOVE your gray boots in the photo. Where did you get them?

stacyNovember 30, 2011 - 7:18 pm

Jessie: i emailed Jes! waiting to hear back : ) fun fun!

JessicaNovember 30, 2011 - 7:53 pm

I got them at a store here in Broken Bow called the Kids Kloset : ) I can check on them to see the brand… i believe it is something like Naughty Monkey but i will double check when i get home : )

stacyNovember 30, 2011 - 10:01 pm

thank’s jes! : )

JessieDecember 2, 2011 - 8:17 pm

I was able to find them online, thank you so much! :)