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Rachael & Brian, married

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had I ever been to Edgar, Nebraska before?


have I ever gotten the pleasure to photograph such an amazing, cohesive event before?

I’ve come close, but Rachael and Brian’s wedding was the ultimate photographer’s dream.

(maybe because she’s kinda a photographer, too??)

From the venue (her Mom’s own house in the country), to the flowers (they put together themselves), to the china (carefully collected from thrift stores for months by the bride), to the pups running around. An absolute dream. More weddings like theirs, please!

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Hope you all had a very FUN and safe 4th!

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Nate & Melissa’s farm life

Nate + Melissa used to live down the street from us in Wahoo… until they moved to their farm! The neighborhood is so quiet without them, but now that I see their new dream residence, I just envy their kids! They are having the best childhood in the world — acres of space to ride bikes, romp in the fields, ride their ponies, and just soak up God’s glory. They even have this amazingly cute little potting shed-turned-playhouse that they play in almost everyday I’m sure and how the 4 of them get along so well must be the fact that Melissa and Nate are the best parents, like, ever.  Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this shoot and good ol’ Nebraska farm people. : )

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COLLINS CLARE, 7 days new

Meet baby Collins! She was born 8 days early and weighed 7 lb 3 oz. via emergency C Section. Mom and Dad are so blessed that everything turned out okay after that very scary 6 minutes. Now they are home with her and can just enjoy her sweetness. Isn’t her nursery adorable?? Isn’t their home a DREAM?? Aren’t they just the best?

Yes, is the answer you’re looking for.

see her in the belly HERE.

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karlaJune 23, 2014 - 4:52 pm

GORGEOUS! Not just one thing, everything is BEAUTIFUL! And who is the cute, little furry sibling?? Love the entire post. Good job, Stacy!

introducing a sexy new package…

Anniversary coming up? Make your husband’s jaw drop and get him a gift that keeps on giving  (if you know what I mean.)

I mean, gosh. How unexpected would a sweet little album of you *whom he loves JUST as you are* being your sexy, cute self??

No matter what your version of ‘sexy’ may be. Come spend an hour or two with me in the studio and give the gift of yourself.

he’s guaranteed to LOVE it.

in-studio sessions only, located in Wahoo, NE.

email to schedule, daytime sessions Wednesday-Friday.

flowers by Found & Flora.

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