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our fabulous gift from Owl People

remember the Bright Family? well yesterday I got a very wonderful package in the mailbox from Kaitlyn! I love these little pillows so much… even though Ryan thinks they seem like little memorials like they’re dead or something…. but we think they look GREAT in our living room. : ) If you want some for your very own, here is the link to Owl People on Etsy. You can contact her through there anyway… I believe these are the first ones she’s created, so you may not find them on Etsy (yet). : )
From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU, Kaitlyn! For sharing your talents with us.:)

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KaitlynJuly 11, 2012 - 3:43 pm

They look so cute in your little baskets! I would be lying if I didn’t think they were “memorial style” too. That’s okay, you will appreciate them that much more when you are 50 years old and Tyson and Toby aren’t around anymore. :) Thanks!

baby graesyn, 6 days new

where to begin with our best friends….?

Chris and Tara just welcomed their second child….another girl! Graesyn Lynn was born June 22nd and I was even blessed to witness Aiden meeting her for the first time. So precious. I wish I could post some of those pics here, but they were taken on Tara’s camera. : (

Anyway….This sweet little family has a sincere love (like many of us) for fresh, organic produce that’s grown LOCALLY without chemicals and processing. They have a little garden of their own in their backyard, and even belong to a CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] called Tomato Tomato in Omaha. it’s a great way to support the local farm economy and eat healthy at the same time! They pay a fee and every week for 20 weeks, they can pick up a crate of seasonal local produce (including FRESH BREAD). Click here to read more about them! So I thought it only fitting to make our own little crate stack to bring in a little organic flair to Greasyn’s first official photo shoot. But since we’ve been having this hot hot hot weather lately, we were a little concerned with having the girls out in it for too long (you should have seen us after this shoot! dripping, sticky, itchy MESSES! let me tell you!) but we were efficient, well thought out, I had my faithful assistant Ryan at my side and we banged it all out in 43 minutes. We were all ready for the AC and a cold beverage. Except for Miss G—- she prefers her milk at a balmy 98.6 degrees.

We are so blessed to have such amazing friends so close to us. We enjoy watching your family grow and change and look forward to every Gufford gathering.  xoxo

this cradle was made by Chris’s late father. so special….and HEAVY. this puppy will be around til the end of time!

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monaJuly 11, 2012 - 5:26 pm

so so so so so beautiful

weekend in the city

There are so many “we should go do THIS sometime!” and “THAT’D be FUN!”

and not nearly enough: “This is when we’re actually going to DO IT.”

I used to be the type with way too many “shoulds” in my pocket. Now I’m a “YES GIRL.”

Mona and I finally planned a trip to Kansas City for vintage shopping, eating, drinking, and a couple of bonus photo shoots to help with the funding of our adventure! We felt very blessed to have the TIME to enjoy it….and that we DID. Kansas City is such a wicked cool fun town with tons to do and see… it’s inhabitants are very artistic and laid back. Always friendly and I’d be satisfied just to park and ‘people watch’ the day away on a bench. (they’re everywhere!)

We:  spent the majority of Saturday afternoon at Grinders— a hole in the wall place that had bloody marys on special and the very best philly cheese steaks in the entire universe; came home with a car full of vintage treasures we lugged around in the heat in the West Bottoms business district; one injured toe; a few dozen instagrams; and lots of images to edit!  It was the perfect girls getaway and we really rocked it. Thank you MONA for playing driver and Siri for your companionship.

we WILL do it again.

the tall buildings were abandoned and wonderful. thank goodness for their height—- we were desperate for the cool shade! one day was 103 degrees.

this restaurant was AMAZING. big blog on that later. : )

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Crystal WiebeJuly 11, 2012 - 2:38 pm

It was so awesome to see you and meet Mona! I can’t believe we are all growed up yet still ultimately pursuing the same passions. I cannot wait to see all of the images from the shoot. Love you girl!

Ali [minden 2013 senior]

happy Monday!! What a great time we had in KC! Can’t wait to share our adventures with you soon… but today, heres Ali!

Ali is so spunky, loves to laugh, and is tall and willowy. If I ever read a book and the main character was described as ‘tall and willowy, blonde, and gorgeous,’ you’d bet your bottom dollar that I’d have Ali pictured in my brain. I photographed her lovely older sis, Kaile, a couple years ago for her seniors (see her blog post here). Sadly, she had to work and couldn’t join us for a SIP reunion, but we three [Ali, her mom Tracy, and I] had a ball on this hot, sunny afternoon. : )

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chloe all better

Remember Chloe from the animal rescue with mange? (see the post here and see her on video here)  We are so happy to say that she’s integrated with the other dogs, has a couple best friends named Winston and Brooklyn (both black lab-greyhound mixes), and is ready to be adopted! She’s a perfect size— still just 6 months old, but weighs about 35 lbs now, I’d say. She’s a sweetheart and loves to run. If you’re in the area, you should stop by to scratch Miss Chloe on the head. : )

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monaJuly 9, 2012 - 3:54 am

hope this little sweetie finds a loving home soon :)

studio inspiration

They’re pouring our ‘studio’ concrete floor today!! I really do need to start calling it a ‘Multi-purpose Room’ from now on….since it’s not a quote, unquote “commercial” space. But really, the definition of a Studio is this:

1. An artist’s workroom

2. A photographer’s establishmenet

3. An establishment where an art is taught or studied

So never mind. It’s absolutely a place where I will work and study my craft. : )

I can’t believe how fast the project is actually going! Seems like only yesterday we were mourning the loss of our trees and dreaming up ideas for layout. My goal is to be moving in November sometime. And I’m trying not to be very optimistic on timeline…..We’ve been involved with just enough projects to know that just because it’s going smooth as silk now, doesn’t mean there won’t be giant lags in progress in a month or two. We’re just blessed to have my handy Dad.


p.s. i made your favorite peanut butter brownies. : ) xoxo

Here are some internet tid bits that I’m highly inspired by! see my Pinterest pin boards for more.

tomorrow we leave for KC!

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she only sucks her thumb when she’s in her mama’s arms.

hope everyone has a safe FOURTH of JULY! It’s personally not even close to being on my top ten favorite holidays. The loud noises scare the dogs— it’s hot—it’s sweaty— there’s bugs— it’s humid—and hot—-the drinks never stay cold enough. and it’s hot. quite frankly the only thing I like is the smell of smoke bombs. weird, i know. anyway…. please stay away from the ER and eat lots of popcicles!

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