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Happy Friday!

I’m headed out of town and will be back Monday, 8/13.

all emails, phone calls, etc.. will be answered when i get back.

Isn’t this pic cute from my shoot a couple nights ago? It makes me smile. : ) more to come!

what are you doing this weekend?

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Amber GrotrianAugust 10, 2012 - 3:47 pm

Love this one & can’t wait to see the rest. The girls are still talking about Stacy’s house. They want to know when they can go back because they miss you already :) Hope you have a great, creative weekend. Love ya!!!!!
P.S. The popcorn was a hit on the way home. Addi ate about half of the bag on her own. It helped with all the sobs from having to leave your house. They both told me to drop them off and leave them with you!! Your a hit in our family!!

what a gas.

Have you ever heard people in old movies say “What a gas!”

i’m pretty sure it was slang for “what a riot…that was hilarious!”

well, that describes my shoot with Tanner and Sara. Not only did they MEET at a gas station in Farnam for the first time, but because it was gut-ache-from-laughing-too-hard fun photo shoot

(I’m actually pretty lucky that most of my sessions are this way).

And isn’t this the perfect place for them? It’s Zesto here in Wahoo. It is our little ice cream/drive in with vintage flair.

Big cozy booths and lots of giant windows. Not to mention and air conditioner. Man it was HOT! Hence the ice cream. ; )

So sit back and enjoy their cuteness. Don’t you just want to squeeze them??

Tanner is an army guy… they are both actually patriotic because they’ve been separated by orders for much of their relationship. But they were totally into some fun night shots with fireworks. I’m proud of what we accomplished here…

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feels like Monday

i don’t know why, but today feels like Monday. I think it’s all because my wedding last week was on a Friday. I thought Saturday was Sunday, and Sunday was Monday and yesterday was busy and random.

Dentist appointment this afternoon.

Oh, dear. now I’m starting to sound like Steve Martin in The Jerk

(one of my favorite movies of all time, btw)

don’t even ask me where July went. Ryan was in Boulder for 2 whole weeks– and being busy with sessions and out of town weddings.


it’s August.

it’s been pretty busy— we helped at the fair last week, walked in a parade, starting diets (doing well, too!), harvesting things from the garden every day, the list goes on and on. I’ve been most into domestic things lately. DIY art projects, browsing through hundreds of Etsy artists for my studio—–as much as i’m in love with my own work, I don’t want that to be all that decks my walls. I’d tire of it quickly. It’s sort of like looking at pics of myself everyday in a way. So I’ve found this artist in Brooklyn that is going to do a couple pieces for me. yay! can’t wait. he’s so inspiring. hmmm, what else is new. um…  booked a session for US with THEE famous Tara Whitney in October! woot! I can check that off our bucket list… and I’m so excited to eat at j.coco next weekend. We’ve had reservations for about a month.

here’s some instagrams from July:

No. 1 & No. 10. That’s our concrete guy. yup! we have concrete! dad’s coming tomorrow with our framing supplies!

No. 2 my Daddy had a birfday. we introduced him to Thai food and he loved it.

No. 3  door shopping for my studio went good! here is what we went with : )

No. 4  got this beauty for FREE! it’s an old dentist’s cabinet. don’t know where she’s going… any thoughts?

No. 5  craft project. I surprised Ryan and did a mini-makeover on our bedroom while he was away.

No. 6  Sissy is up for adoption at S.C.L.P. Isn’t she cute?

No. 7  collecting art for my studio ; )

No. 8  zinnias from our garden! so colorful. i heart them.

No. 9     yeah… i really can count, i’m just feeling too lazy to fix it today.

 here’s some fun things I’ve been inspired by lately, as well. It’s such an exciting time of year! wedding season is in full swing and I’m feeling so wonderfully creative. life’s good!

i’m all for DIY stuff that’s cheaper.

great summer drink.

i think this is stunning and unique.

I fully intend to make this soon.

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sick of these two yet?

….yeah. me neither.  they are such willing and adventurous subjects! we couldn’t stop on their wedding day, oh no.

think about how many hours I’ve racked up staring at them…. the wedding day, sorting, editing, album design, bridal shoot, sorting, editing, blogging…..I just delivered their album today, too, as a matter of fact!

check out Keisha’s little shoulder freckles. a souveneer from their honeymoon.

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the Remedy

You know what I like best about vacation? EATING. One of my favorite shows on the Food Network is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives [DDD]. A guy named ‘Guy’ (and you probably know who I’m talking about. he’s quite famous.) basically goes around the country to little hole-in-the-wall places—–we’re talking places with duct tape holding the vinyl together type places. He samples the dishes they’re best known for and interviews the locals who frequent there. Whether it’s barbecue, pizza, or sandwiches; it all makes me salivate.  I literally feel like licking the screen mostly. But I don’t. Because that would be gross.

But any who… when we visited Kansas City a couple weekends ago, we met one of our lovely clients, Crystal and her family (who is also my oldest bestie) at The Remedy for a cool drink beforehand. It’s definitely NOT the type of place that would show up DDD, but it is certainly the type of place to go if you feel like ironing.  It just opened in the Waldo area of Kansas City and already has a steady stream of regulars. It’s ‘Farm to Table” ( which makes me a feel like I can choose anything on the menu and  know that my pants won’t shrink.); it’s organic; and it’s a modern atmosphere with these adorable little grey suede settees to sit on and watch traffic while you wait for your ‘liquid remedy.’  I had a Lilly Pad: Hayman’s Old Tom Gin/Strawberry Basil shrub/ Domaine de Canton…… so I’ll admit I’ve never heard of half that but I can report back that it was tasty and I had 2. It was pink and it had a whole basil leaf in it. : )

It was such a hot night, we decided to just start their session in the AC; therefore we had to order a couple starters. We really didn’t have a choice. Our waitress was way to awesome and sold us on their specials immediately.

Eggplant fries drizzled with local honey and sprinkled with sea salt and garlic deviled eggs just like grandma makes.

[Eggplant has never been in my kitchen, but the fries were SO tasty I attempted to make them at home (we have 4 eggplant-plants, so if I failed, SO WHAT.)   it was an epic success.]

We moved outdoors for the last part of their shoot, but we felt the need for more Remedy.  We went back for a late dinner at 10pm. BLT’s with all local ingredients and crab cakes with gazpacho. Cool and tangy— just what I needed to go with another Lilly Pad. : )

So next time you’re in KC, please promise you’ll visit The Remedy. You won’t have any regrets!

we all adored her make-up, which none of us could probably pull off successfully.

want to see more? (with more entertaining writing??) visit WayWard Dogs today!

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Crystal WaywardJuly 31, 2012 - 11:44 am

I love your commentary! And, as you already know, I love the pics! Thank you so much for a wonderful day together.

Steven + Keisha got MARRIED!

Never have I been witness to so much love and respect as the wedding day of Keisha and Steven Howe last month. You could see it, hear it, feel it. Everyone had a perma-smile going on and it wasn’t just because the church was air conditioned. …..which we were ALL so thankful for. I think the temperature was near 100 degrees and we felt so sorry for the groomsmen who had to put on 4 layers of suit in the most horrific room in the world——- a tiny windowless, round room in a stuffy basement with awful fluorescent lighting. I guess it’s only out of love for the bride, who, got to be treated like a princess in a rather spacious, beautifully lit room with gorgeous antique arched windows and the smell of perfume. It’s funny how much more inspired I am to snap snap click in a room that, well for lack of a better word, INSPIRES me!  And I think I speak for every wedding photographer out there: to all you future brides in the world, please make sure you prep in a wonderful space on your wedding day. If you do, you will be repaid tenfold by awesome pictures from your happy photographer.

So why is it that most churches usually make available the ugliest of rooms for dressing?? My favorite (and I’m being sarcastic) is when the bridesmaids are doing their makeup in the church sunday school room….crouched on tiny toddler-sized chairs around a kidney-bean shaped table 2 feet off the ground. And the poor ladies look like giants next to all the dwarf furniture. And don’t get me started on the primary colored handprints stamped on the wall from bible school.

But even if Keisha would have had to get ready in the dungeon room or something equally distasteful, she wouldn’t have cared. She was the most calm and patient bride (maybe that’s because she teaches little kids?) and Steven. Steve-O. Who waited to see her until she walked down the aisle. He is so lucky to have  such a kind and generous wife. And he totally knows it. He has to pinch himself, I heard him say.

Thank you to Keisha and Steven for allowing me the pleasure to capture your day. I wish you good times and lots and lots of little Howes!

SECOND SHOT BY: Mona K Photography

CEREMONY: First Plymouth Church, Lincoln NE

DRESS:  Bridal Traditions

FLOWERS: Hyvee Midtown OMaha,NE by Ann

RECEPTION: The Rococo Theatre

DRINKS: Barrymore’s

TROLLEY: Emerald Limousine

I know what you’re thinking…you want their floor polisher-man to come to your house. i’m with ya. it’s smooth as glass!

these are my favorites from the day. eventhough I felt a little rushed—-there was not only a wedding rehearsal at the church directly after theirs, but also a whole other WEDDING!

Barrymore’s is famous for their Moscow Mules. Only the best ones are served in a chilled copper cup. Very limey and refreshing on such a sweltery day.

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