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Amber + Andy’s gaggle of girls

Amber and Andy are having a girl! ANOTHER one. and that will make their family complete.

so sorry, Andy. you’re just destined to be surrounded by beautiful women the rest of your life.

on another note, fall is upon us and there aren’t many dates/times available. if you’d like a session for fall, please contact me through my contact tab above.

have a great weekend all!

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Amber GrotrianAugust 18, 2012 - 2:39 pm

Thanks again for capturing such a beautiful time in our lives. Andy & I are sooooo blessed to have 2 little princesses & another one on the way. You are the best & a true talent behind the camera. Love ya :)

Happy Friday!

I’m headed out of town and will be back Monday, 8/13.

all emails, phone calls, etc.. will be answered when i get back.

Isn’t this pic cute from my shoot a couple nights ago? It makes me smile. : ) more to come!

what are you doing this weekend?

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Amber GrotrianAugust 10, 2012 - 3:47 pm

Love this one & can’t wait to see the rest. The girls are still talking about Stacy’s house. They want to know when they can go back because they miss you already :) Hope you have a great, creative weekend. Love ya!!!!!
P.S. The popcorn was a hit on the way home. Addi ate about half of the bag on her own. It helped with all the sobs from having to leave your house. They both told me to drop them off and leave them with you!! Your a hit in our family!!

what a gas.

Have you ever heard people in old movies say “What a gas!”

i’m pretty sure it was slang for “what a riot…that was hilarious!”

well, that describes my shoot with Tanner and Sara. Not only did they MEET at a gas station in Farnam for the first time, but because it was gut-ache-from-laughing-too-hard fun photo shoot

(I’m actually pretty lucky that most of my sessions are this way).

And isn’t this the perfect place for them? It’s Zesto here in Wahoo. It is our little ice cream/drive in with vintage flair.

Big cozy booths and lots of giant windows. Not to mention and air conditioner. Man it was HOT! Hence the ice cream. ; )

So sit back and enjoy their cuteness. Don’t you just want to squeeze them??

Tanner is an army guy… they are both actually patriotic because they’ve been separated by orders for much of their relationship. But they were totally into some fun night shots with fireworks. I’m proud of what we accomplished here…

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feels like Monday

i don’t know why, but today feels like Monday. I think it’s all because my wedding last week was on a Friday. I thought Saturday was Sunday, and Sunday was Monday and yesterday was busy and random.

Dentist appointment this afternoon.

Oh, dear. now I’m starting to sound like Steve Martin in The Jerk

(one of my favorite movies of all time, btw)

don’t even ask me where July went. Ryan was in Boulder for 2 whole weeks– and being busy with sessions and out of town weddings.


it’s August.

it’s been pretty busy— we helped at the fair last week, walked in a parade, starting diets (doing well, too!), harvesting things from the garden every day, the list goes on and on. I’ve been most into domestic things lately. DIY art projects, browsing through hundreds of Etsy artists for my studio—–as much as i’m in love with my own work, I don’t want that to be all that decks my walls. I’d tire of it quickly. It’s sort of like looking at pics of myself everyday in a way. So I’ve found this artist in Brooklyn that is going to do a couple pieces for me. yay! can’t wait. he’s so inspiring. hmmm, what else is new. um…  booked a session for US with THEE famous Tara Whitney in October! woot! I can check that off our bucket list… and I’m so excited to eat at j.coco next weekend. We’ve had reservations for about a month.

here’s some instagrams from July:

No. 1 & No. 10. That’s our concrete guy. yup! we have concrete! dad’s coming tomorrow with our framing supplies!

No. 2 my Daddy had a birfday. we introduced him to Thai food and he loved it.

No. 3  door shopping for my studio went good! here is what we went with : )

No. 4  got this beauty for FREE! it’s an old dentist’s cabinet. don’t know where she’s going… any thoughts?

No. 5  craft project. I surprised Ryan and did a mini-makeover on our bedroom while he was away.

No. 6  Sissy is up for adoption at S.C.L.P. Isn’t she cute?

No. 7  collecting art for my studio ; )

No. 8  zinnias from our garden! so colorful. i heart them.

No. 9     yeah… i really can count, i’m just feeling too lazy to fix it today.

 here’s some fun things I’ve been inspired by lately, as well. It’s such an exciting time of year! wedding season is in full swing and I’m feeling so wonderfully creative. life’s good!

i’m all for DIY stuff that’s cheaper.

great summer drink.

i think this is stunning and unique.

I fully intend to make this soon.

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sick of these two yet?

….yeah. me neither.  they are such willing and adventurous subjects! we couldn’t stop on their wedding day, oh no.

think about how many hours I’ve racked up staring at them…. the wedding day, sorting, editing, album design, bridal shoot, sorting, editing, blogging…..I just delivered their album today, too, as a matter of fact!

check out Keisha’s little shoulder freckles. a souveneer from their honeymoon.

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