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new baby Shae

meet new baby Shae Elizabeth (and her wrinkly old lady hands)

I had the honor to photograph her when she was just hours old, right there in her hospital room. It was originally planned for me to be there for her actual birth. in the room. all the nitty gritty [beautiful] parts. But baby Shae had her own secret plan to come in the middle of the night. So Plan B. We had us a simple newborn session in room 4218 and I got to capture big sis, Brooklyn, meeting her for the first time. It was precious and lovely and I want one of these sessions when our little one comes.


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take your camera places


See this picture? Yeah. It was taken back in the 1970′s of a lovely family, which I don’t even know. I swiped it off of Pinterest.

But I want to tell you how insanely jealous and green with envy I am of this family.

You’re probably asking yourself why on earthy would I be jealous of this crappy picture of this strange family riding their bikes.

Well I will tell you, friends.

As you may know already, I am an only child. With that comes deep bonding with both my Mom and my Dad. All we had was each other and I was so blessed to have two awesome parents that spent as much time with me as they could. They both worked and I was a ‘daycare’ kid, but we always always ALWAYS had dinner together at the table and in the summer went for many many bike rides together. Thee best memories I have growing up are of us three riding bikes in the different neighborhoods in Beatrice. Me and my Dad always faster and waiting for my Mom to catch up. Hearing the locusts in late summer at dusk and getting home in time for me to take my bath and maybe stay up past my bedtime to watch M.A.S.H. with Dad in one of his old t shirts in our completely brown family room (I always fell asleep during the opening credits, anyway).

Fast forward 20 years and I’m now about to be a Mother myself.

My parents have been divorced for a while now and as many photos that I have of my childhood (and there are a LOT… remember, I’m an ‘only’), I have zero of my happiest memory. The most recurring memory that I always think back to and smile. Quality time is what family means to me; and riding bikes meant that to my own family. Time certainly isn’t about to rewind so we can snap a picture of us 3 on our bikes, but what I wouldn’t give for even a crappy, faded polaroid of us.

So take it from me: the next time you take a bike ride, go to the pool, or go and get ice cream, TAKE YOUR CAMERA. Or better yet, consider hiring a professional to capture these precious moments of your children’s childhood to you can take part, too.

The best gift you can give your kiddos. <3

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ShellyJuly 28, 2014 - 6:17 pm

Brought tears to my eyes. Awesome.

MonaJuly 29, 2014 - 4:26 am

I could not agree more. I cherish the photographs I have of my family and friends and want the same for my daughter so I take a lot of pictures. I just need to be in more of them. That’s my goal. Your child’s life will be well documented :)

KaitlynJuly 29, 2014 - 3:42 pm

I really liked this. I am so happy you are having a little baby. You will be such a cool mom.

little girls and surprises…

My good friend, Erin, is an awesome photographer by Seward,NE. She’s been 2nd shooting for me a lot this Summer and I couldn’t have been more thrilled when she asked me to shoot a very special thing for her and Craig (her 2nd half). They are expecting TWINS this winter and they thought their little daughter, Liv, would be hilarious to capture while they told her the news of her becoming a big sister. Hilarious is right…. but not exactly the way they expected it to go.

The whole trip to Wahoo, they said

‘Liv! We’re going to take some fun family pics with Stacy.’

‘….and we have a surprise.’

Little did they know, Liv expected a wrapped surprise.

And needless to say, was a little disappointed that words were her surprise.

Note to self: if you have a surprise for a 5 year old, you better wrap it somehow, someway.

scroll down and watch Liv’s expression change….

She luckily came around by the end. : )

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PPN Balance Retreat!

So last week (Tuesday-Wednesday) I had the pleasure of hosting the first EVER Professional Photographers of Nebraska Balance Retreat! We traveled south to an acreage in Virginia, NE (I bet you didn’t even know there was a town called Virginia, did you?!) for 24 hours of relaxation, bonding, and shenanigans. We had a great attendance—11 of us (plus 4 or 5 of our newest members) and it was just the perfect way to really get to know one another. We put our cells in a basket so we could really focus on ‘keeping our zen.’ We first, had a  round table discussion on the stresses of running a small business, then we wrote letters to ourselves (to be mailed in the future when they least expect it!). Following that, we did a little yoga and meditation then a photo scavenger hunt, which was hilarious. I was please to see everyone’s creativity. After that, we ate and then had a fun model shoot with 3 giggly high school girls. They were champs. They left wet. After a night of campfire conversations, we slept in, ate a yummy breakfast and went for a long walk on the country roads.

Overall it was the best experience ever! I was extremely tired and in desperate need of a shower, but the photos speak for themselves. Can’t wait until our next PPN adventure! We’re thinking tubing down the Niobrara next Summer?

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KaitlynJuly 21, 2014 - 8:47 pm

hooray for Tasha and Jamie going! Them are my buds! And girlfriend, iron your sign! I love the picture with the antler. You should probably send that to me so I can pimp it and your mad decorating skills. Looked like a fun time.

a sweet vow renewal

Lori and Dean have been married for 27 years (this August) and picked the perfect day last month (which happened to be OUR anniversary!) to renew their vows to one another. It was a very simple, personal ceremony in their catholic church in Prague. The only people in attendance were their two kiddos, a lovely couple for witnesses, the priest, and myself. You never realize how loud your shoes are, either, when you’re shooting a ceremony. It was so quiet in there! Normally there are hundreds of people coughing and sniffling in the sanctuary to cover our little noises up.

After their ceremony, they took me to their alpaca farm! It was so pretty (and windy)… a dream, really. Their little lamb, Tulip, ran around like a labrador who owned the place and I could watch their alpacas for hours. They are so strange looking! A cross between an alien and a deer.

Did I forget to mention how windy it was?

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don’t be matchy-matcherson

I’m not an expert on fashion. I’m just an experienced photographer with a good eye and over the years i’ve found it most helpful to nip the fashion ‘don’t’ in the bud and offer tips from the get-go. Hell…even if you don’t choose me as your photographer, I still want you to look good for your pictures. : )

It’s just like walking around with mustard on your chin. you’d want someone to tell you about it. But don’t let the following scare you. Ultimately what you wear is your choice and you should look like you and feel comfortable.


 bivona 137



*DO wear COLOR! Lots of it!

You’ll most likely have some or all of your portraits taken in a location with a lot of natural elements. So to not be mistaken for a deer in the bushes, you’ll want to be bright and joyful to stand out against the earth.

*DO Patterns! stripes, plaid, polka dots, floral

*DO Texture! This can be the challenging one, especially in summer. But texture can be successful by simply wearing something with buttons/ruffles/textured material -OR- by a few layers on top (Ex. a button up shirt + long necklace if you’re a lady + fitted jacket) and a couple layers on bottom (Ex. skinny jeans + taller boots)

*DO garments that require effort to put on. Example: button ups are more classic than a simple polo shirt. If it’s too simple or easy to throw together, it’s going to showcase an attitude that you don’t care what you look like. and that equals a sloppy joe.

*DO ultimately dress like yourself and what you’re most comfortable in. especially the children in your life.


But pretty much if you avoid blindingly new white tennis shoes and being Mr. and Mrs. Matchy-Matcherson, you’ll be okay.


**now booking families for FALL 2014** space is limited

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