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E gads!

the only word to describe this nightmare. I got the itch to deep clean my office after I deep cleaned our house closets. needless to say I shall be posting some items for sale by weeks-end! on my sale: some furniture pieces, true randoms, as well as not 1, but TWO cameras. Stay tuned… Oh […]

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February 2, 2015 - 7:23 am

Karen R Kennedy - Stacy, my Philly granddaughter may be interested in the cameras–let me know which ones they are and I could send her pics of them. Hayley has some awesome pics that she has won awards on and she is 16 years old. Thx Karen

4 months old

What? 4 months old already? Actually… it seems about right. I don’t take a second of this for granted. I soak up every moment…  the thrilling and the exasperated ones. And I hate to jabber about this too much because I’ve heard horror stories about ‘the 4 month sleep regression’ but the last month she’s […]

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2014 wedding roundup

To photograph a wedding has grown into one of my greatest joys as a professional photographer. I’m touched that my clients, who more and more begin as complete strangers, let me into one of the most intimate, personal, and monumental day of their lives. Of course as much time as we spend together in pre-wedding […]

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Mollie + Collins

the rest of the series of Mollie + her 7 month old little girl, Collins. They were so sweet to sit for me while I played with my new studio equipment. They got patience, these two! After close inspection, I need to not only clean this lens, but also paint my wall. It’s waaay too […]

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January 29, 2015 - 4:26 pm

Susan Tishendorf - Thanks for picking these two as your guinea pigs. I love them and your photography!!!

busy buzzing

It’s finally ready to publicize! The thing that has kept me on the computer night after night. But I love it. No complaints from this girl (unless Vie chooses to wake up at 5am). Now we can get our news to members in real-time. Welcome to the future, PPN.

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the color violet

Were we bad parents in that Violet had no gifts under the tree this last Christmas? Well… none with her name on it, but I did have this pretty bird watercolor on my list from THIS Etsy shop. I LOVE watercolor paintings… something about them is so natural and fluid. And of course I have a […]

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in the club now

Now that I’m a Mom… there’s a club for that. we meet on Tuesday’s at 10am. It’s a whole lot of fun and you can wear your jammies! well, we Vie and I do, anyway. Adam looooves his Baby Violet. It’s sweet the way he always asks if he can 1. touch her feet 2. […]

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our home: featured!

well… the first edition is OUT! Inspired Living came to our home right after Thanksgiving to photograph our house! It was so fun to see how their photographer, J. Bebee, worked his magic. I’m SO excited to see how they all turned out. It’s pretty much torture waiting for each edition. But anyway… this edition featured […]

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