It’s always Sunny in California

So here we are. Back in the state of Nebraska. Where autumn is in full swing, pumpkins grace nearly every porch, and the overnight temps are freeeeeezing. Putting together this post made me smile. Every pic sparks memories for us…and will continue to do so, as I plan to frame and book a bunch of these. : )

We will remember:

our reconnection to our relationship; all the lovely walks we took to get food, enjoy the scenery, and to get peanut butter ice cream; the sun on our backs; the smell of the salty sea air; Jack Johnson playing on our radio; the sound of a car alarm going off at 3 am (hey! it’s still a city, even though it’s near the ocean); my aunts calling at midnight wanting us to bring them chocolate; our super awesome time with Tara Whitney; the amazing fish tacos; the sand in our toes (and as careful as we were, we brought back a lot in our suitcase. grrrr); how we missed our dogs so terribly and vow to drive out next trip so they can come too; my beautiful cousin Andrea on her wedding day; the hospitality of the groom’s parents; the best cinnamon cake EVER; my first Old Fashioned (thanks, Don Draper, for the recommendation.)  And even though we’re drowning in work to catch up on, if we close our eyes at night and let our minds relax, we can feel our California connection nearby.

And we can not wait to go back.

half these pics were taken with my canon 5d mark ii; the rest are instagram (they are the square ones)

California 10-8-12 to 10-14-12

and here are some professional images by ONE LOVE. absolutely beautiful.


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