crazy, sexy cancer…part one

inspiring story coming your way!

a way long time ago, some girls attended X-ray school together. (see image 1)

fast forward almost ten years later and we finally meet again under special circumstances….

in 2011, Karen, (wife, mother and ultrasound tech in Lincoln) began experiences a lot of pain. tricky pain that took a long time to diagnose. many months of dibilitating pain that decreased her ability to work, or even care for her sweet boy. then the sad news came.

the ‘C’ word.


“you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”

months of chemo later, she had a ‘mid chemo crisis’ as karen calls it.  her husband, justin,  presented her with a book: crazy, sexy, cancer

this book gave her hope…and inspiration to buy some cowgirl boots. karen says…

“that girl [in the book] wore cowboy boots everywhere…for her tests and everything.  They reminded her of a porch swing in the country, day dreaming of doing whatever she wanted.  Open spaces and sipping lemonade.  I wanted that!!  I went out and bought myself a pair of boots!!  i LOVE them!  i wore them all the time.  All my nurses and doctors loved them too.  I was known for my boots! =)  When I was done with treatments, I took a picture of them and made a cool matte and gave it to them.  They have them out on display!!”

she is now cancer-free. she has fought with a smile and is a braver woman than i.

 karen: your only wish was to look beautiful in your images. I hope, from the bottom of heart, that you feel as beautiful as we all know you are on the inside.


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