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more in-home sessions please!

…and congratulations to Adam and Michelle for the arrival of Baby #3 in November!

so thrilled to add another cutie pie to the mix.

I never get tired of visiting this place. I have many many memories of walking here after school waiting for my Mom to get off work…. of doing dishes in the kitchen… learning to cook from the old women who did it from scratch (and STILL DO!). Heck… we even got MARRIED here! What is this place, you ask?  It’s the Nebraska PEO Home in Beatrice.  This is a retirement home for women only and it’s a beautiful historic home that can house up to 20. There are currently 14 residents and room for 6 more. It’s really an awesome place to live if you’re every interested in a  tour. I’ll hook you up. Here are some pics from our visit last Friday… make sure to read the captions, as I highlight some cool features from our tour:

Originally this was a 3 story house built in the 1880’s.  home tour 036 home tour 037 home tour 038

13 years ago, we were married in this yard!

home tour 039 home tour 040

some of us from Chapter I, Wahoo

home tour 041

one of my favorite rooms… notice the awesome ceiling.

home tour 042 home tour 043 home tour 044

the painting on the wall… her eyes follow you everywhere.

that’s a little creepy.

home tour 045

Violet went, too… and stayed with grandma alllll weekend.

home tour 046 home tour 047 home tour 048

a little coffee and cake…

the ladies eat in the dining room every night on china and most meals are made completely from scratch. 3 courses, typically. No wonder everyone tends to gain a little upon moving in. ; )

home tour 049

my mom is in the pink : )

Director of nursing here for 28 years!

home tour 050

Mary…a very fun resident! She saved things our of the trash for weeks to make this little ‘trash house.’ She’s very very proud of it. Look closely and you’ll recognize things that she repurposed into lamp shades, etc…  EVERYTHING in there is stuff she salvaged from the garbage.

home tour 051 home tour 052

…the ‘linoleum floor’ is the inside of a security envelope. The kitchen sink is from a packet of jelly…

home tour 053

the burners on the stove is an old pill pouch!

home tour 054 home tour 055 home tour 056 home tour 057

this is Nick… their maintenance guy and the ladies adore him. AND he’s the only man around, so he’s living the dream. jk

home tour 058 home tour 059

one of the empty rooms…

home tour 060

home tour 061

jacuzzi bath tub… every lady gets 2 a week. they love it.

home tour 062

every lady was up for a visit during our tour and it was hard to stay together and keep it moving. we could have visited for hours.

home tour 063

our 7 founding sisters…

home tour 064 home tour 065

the crazy old elevator that still is in use several times a day.

home tour 066 home tour 067 home tour 068

  • June 28, 2015 - 9:00 am

    Suzie - What a beautiful home and beautiful way to spend out the rest of your days. How wonderful for you to share this with us. I, as a china collector, absolutely loved this post!ReplyCancel

I’m pretty much obsessed with this family… and the series where they’re laying down. Everyone’s individual personality really shows through when you put them in this situation. Can you pick out the nature-haters?  hehe

So. Much. Love.

Next year we’re taking the shoot on the road (to their house!) and I couldn’t be more pumped.

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