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Little girls. x 4.

Some of our best friends, Chris and Tara, brought out this pack of little girls for some fun in downtown Elkhorn. The blondes are theirs…. the others are cousins. What a fabulous gift! They really are best friends.

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So our shredder is located in our basement, where Ryan’s office is make-shift. And I’m lazy. So usually I have a stack of things to shred sitting on my desk at all times…..which Violet usually finds and tries to eat. So I guess that’s one way to ‘shred.’  But in case your shredder is just too far away from your desk and you don’t have a toddler to destroy things for you, pay attention to this tip I learned a few years back.

the EGYPT tip.

Simply write the word ‘egypt’ over what you want to be illegible. Done. Just try to read through it!

IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3935 IMG_3936

nifty, eh?

and random.

sorry about that.

cernik 11

little William, 5 1/2 months old. Seems like just yesterday we were all camping (CHILDLESS) without a care in the world. Oh how life has changed! It’s such a blessing, though…. to share this phase of life with our closest friends. All our babies shall be the best of friends.  LOTS to be thankful for this time of year.

cernik 22 cernik 23 cernik 25 cernik 27 cernik 32 cernik 36 cernik 38 cernik 39 cernik 40 cernik 48

fin 1 year 02 fin 1 year 04 fin 1 year 05 fin 1 year 09 fin 1 year 13 fin 1 year 17 fin 1 year 23 fin 1 year 25 fin 1 year 28 fin 1 year 32 fin 1 year 35 fin 1 year 37 fin 1 year 43

I’ve loved photographing every minute from the beginning of Jason and Lynelle’s story. From their engagement session, then their wedding…. and then the baby carriage just a year after that. Happy [belated] 1st birthday, Finley Monroe!

fin 1 year 44 fin 1 year 45

ohl 01

a beautiful afternoon spent with the Ohl’s! Isn’t their little girl, Rowyn, a sweetie pie?? We had so much to talk about, since Violet is around the same age. Great connection! Thank you Rosie and Caleb for your trust to capture you in this awesome chapter of your life. <3

ohl 03 ohl 10 ohl 12 ohl 13 ohl 14 ohl 15 ohl 17 ohl 18 ohl 19 ohl 21 ohl 24 ohl 25 ohl 28 ohl 31 ohl 34

dennis-maternity 04 dennis-maternity 09 dennis-maternity 16 dennis-maternity 21 dennis-maternity 22 dennis-maternity 23

so… funny story. You know how pregnancy makes your brain all mush? (it happens to the best of us)

Jen left her clothes at home… (an hour away) and that included a fancy dress for a wedding they had the next day.  We totally made it work…but yay for having friends who are having babies who are Jen’s size! Emily up the street lent her a dress and it fit perfectly. <3

Can’t wait to meet baby girl Dennis in a month or so!


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