This story begins with me in a different career.

Six years ago, Stacy was an MRI/xray tech for a busy orthopedic clinic and worked for Dr. Crockett. A very tall dude with a large family, whom I had the pleasure of photographing a few times. Fast forward to today. The Crockett family now reside in sunny San Diego, California and were so gracious and kind to fly, not only myself and gear, but also my family (!) to stay in their guest house and photograph a weekend with them. The entire experience was something I’ll always remember. Not going to lie— I could totally get used to flying private.

So here’s their lovely property in Rancho Sante Fe and our weekend with the Crocketts: Heber, Carrie, Cyrus, Grant, Annecy, and Auggie. (Emma is their eldest and sadly couldn’t leave school). The children are so brilliant and independent. Carrie is a concert pianist who loves her family fiercely. Heber flies back and forth from California to Nebraska every.single.week. That has to be exhausting, but I can tell you that they are together as much as they can be and somehow it all works.

And then there’s Auggie…

Auggie has Downs Syndrome and autism and loves to swim (he’s JUST tall enough to reach the bottom of the hot tub, where he spends a ton of time paddling around). I can’t tell you how amazing life is for Auggie. In addition to Carrie doing most of his care, he has specialized therapists/teachers/volunteers who come in nearly everyday to work with him. I have no words to tell you the strength and endurance I witnessed with all who take part in Auggie’s care. Mostly Carrie. She loves Auggie so much. I especially love the photos we captured on the beach (posted in PART 2 will post later this week). It’s a miracle to see this Mother and child together. There is much love and my heart is swollen.



Take the Lavaley family, for example. Brandon is the oldest of 3 and Marn is the youngest of 6. That’s a lotta people to give gifts to (if you’re into gift-giving).
So they booked a Mini session. A quick 20 minute mini session to get this pic, which she will download, print online in her jammies, and gift to their 7 siblings to enjoy.

Cost = minimal. Memories from the session = priceless (these boys are notoriously defiant when it comes to smiling for the camera and it only took about 3 fart jokes to get them loosened up)

Of course there are so SO many other gifts to create with images nowadays…. calendars, coffee mugs, t shirts, bookmarks, etc…   All you need is a great, high quality photo and an idea. I’d love to help you out with the first one (and the second thing if you struggle in the creative department).

I still have a few times before the end of the year if you want in my calendar for 2016.

Simply contact me through the tab up top.


One of the questions I get asked most is regarding the topic of session length.

How long will our session be?

This is a simple answer, but also a complex one.

I have two basic options: a Full session (1 hour) and a Mini session (20 minutes).

Most people fit into one session or the other.


What warrents a full? A large group (larger than 5 people), lots of outfits (ie: seniors), a new client or one who loves a variety of shots and ‘poses.’


A Mini is perfect for a repeat client that I already know (and who is comfortable with me), a client who just needs a quick thing for a specific reason (their child has a birthday, they need a family photo for a holiday card, a headshot, etc…)  And often there are cases where my clients wonder if 20 minutes is long enough. For the sake of curiosity, let’s dive into this one…..

20 minutes is longer than you think. Especially with small children, this is the threshold for anyone’s attention span anyway. And if I already know you (and you know me), there is way less time getting used to one another and we can get right to the shots we need/want.


A fact: I typically delete the first 20 images from every new client’s session. They are usually stiff and unnatural and just kind of a warm-up for everybody. That’s the beautiful thing about digital photography. There is no cost involved in doing so.


Expectations are also important to note for my Mini sessions. While 20 minutes is almost always long enough to bang out the shots we need, it also isn’t enough time to get a huge variety. The factors that would affect accomplishing a lot of shot variety are few: family members (including kids/dogs/dads/teens) who just aren’t into it (which is totally cool and normal), or straying from the original vision of the session in the first place: to get those few shots we want.


Plain and simple: If you want more shot variety, the Full is for you. If you just need 1 specific shot, then a mini is for you.

I still have a couple spots open for Mini sessions this fall. Use the contact tab up top to inquire! I’d love to work with you.


‘Mo Mouse’ this year for 2 reasons:

  1. it was an easy hoodie we picked up at H&M
  2. it was easy.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween! I’ll be at Boo in Wahoo at Saunders County Medical Center 3-6pm. FREE hotdogs and oodles of candy. Stop on by! All are welcome.

I love the Fagen’s! Not only are they a super chill family who love my work, but they are airplane enthusiasts (I’m putting it lightly) who FLEW me up to Minnesota this year for our session! Below is the plane that picked me up right here in Wahoo. We had our session in their beautiful town of Granite Falls. They put me up in a hotel and flew me right back home in the morning. I even got a personal 1:1 tour of their amazing WWII museum. What a special experience.

This is an exact replica of a control tour from WWII.

This is an exact replica of a bunker at Normandy… (above)

Melissa– Thank you so much for planning my trip and making it super awesome.

schroeder-100 schroeder-102 schroeder-104 schroeder-107 schroeder-109 schroeder-113 schroeder-114 schroeder-115 schroeder-118 schroeder-119 schroeder-121 schroeder-123 schroeder-124 schroeder-127 schroeder-129 schroeder-131 schroeder-134 schroeder-137 schroeder-138 schroeder-143 schroeder-145

Meet my beautiful red-headed friend, Morgan. She is roommates with Randy.

They are roommates.

Yup. Roommates.

Just roommates.

for now….

This was our first time meeting Randy— how much do YOU think he looks like Jim from the office?

Anyway… Ryan and I had a ‘thing’ after their session. It was a night at our local museum and I knew there was a free happy hour. So I said ‘Why don’t you guys come have a drink before you head to dinner.’

So they said ‘OK.’

and we proceeded to be the last ones there. Complete with a tour of the oddities in the museum basement. We kinda like hanging out with these two…


here’s some other new friends we met at the museum.

s e a r c h
f a c e b o o k