I love the Fagen’s! Not only are they a super chill family who love my work, but they are airplane enthusiasts (I’m putting it lightly) who FLEW me up to Minnesota this year for our session! Below is the plane that picked me up right here in Wahoo. We had our session in their beautiful town of Granite Falls. They put me up in a hotel and flew me right back home in the morning. I even got a personal 1:1 tour of their amazing WWII museum. What a special experience.

This is an exact replica of a control tour from WWII.

This is an exact replica of a bunker at Normandy… (above)

Melissa– Thank you so much for planning my trip and making it super awesome.

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Meet my beautiful red-headed friend, Morgan. She is roommates with Randy.

They are roommates.

Yup. Roommates.

Just roommates.

for now….

This was our first time meeting Randy— how much do YOU think he looks like Jim from the office?

Anyway… Ryan and I had a ‘thing’ after their session. It was a night at our local museum and I knew there was a free happy hour. So I said ‘Why don’t you guys come have a drink before you head to dinner.’

So they said ‘OK.’

and we proceeded to be the last ones there. Complete with a tour of the oddities in the museum basement. We kinda like hanging out with these two…


here’s some other new friends we met at the museum.

OUR 2 year old. : )

This is Amy in the yellow skirt. She is an awesome, strong, confident mama who I met working with Wildtree. And she just promoted to Director! Go Amy… Go Amy… Go Amy!

So proud of you! You are an inspiration.

Every week I head over to SCLP to have a mini session with all the new kitties and dogs up for adoption. I’ll tell you in my experience that the dogs are about 99% more willing to sit for their portrait. They will literally do anything for a snack.

The cats, on the other hand, just look like they want to kill me.

But still— they are adorable. We’re well stocked with kittens, especially, right now…  check out their mug shots in the gallery below.

100% volunteer ran (run?). This is Steve. He’s the most dedicated dog walker you’ll ever meet. He loves all the dogs, but once in a while one will really touch his heart and he’ll ask for a photo with them. So sweet.

These dogs are not high on the devil’s lettuce. They’re just ‘blinkers.’ Just like humans sometimes are.


some days are crazy at the rescue but the kids LOVE helping wherever they can.

Bo getting his foot print taken.

Check out who’s looking for you:


It happens every year. Holiday cards start pouring in Dec 1st. It marks the beginning of a new season! The fall decor is put away from Thanksgiving and little nativities and snowmen grace our homes. And it really is thrilling isn’t it? To open each envelope to see how our far-away friends have changed since last year. Photo cards have become a standard now and it’s what we’ve grown to expect.

So what happens when we view our friend’s holiday cards and see those oh so beautiful fall colors that we just packed away?  I totally understand wanting family photos in the short window of fall color. If we’re lucky enough to have caught the season right, Nebraska has gorgeous orange, red, and yellow leaves to enjoy. But by Dec 1st, to be honest, I’m so over it! I want to envision the season for what it now is…… crisp and preparing for Winter.

Something special happens in Nebraska after the leaves fall. We can start to see our breaths… we play in the leaves that have now fallen and turned brown. The quiet that comes after vibrant colors of October have vanished is something to savor. Neutral colors… soothing. Preparing for the next season. Why not try something different this year? (and I’m not just speaking to the busy and the procrastinators out there ; )

Break the mold. Enjoy the short window of fall on a dog walk and save the family photos for November.
Now booking for next month:


*don’t see a day that works? I may be flexible… message me and we’ll compare calendars.

winston 03b&w

A very common question I get asked is ‘Can we bring our dog to our photo shoot?’

and my answer is always


Those of you who know me know how much of a dog lover I am. Dogs are SO a huge part of our families. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them. And this is Winston— the first dog I helped get adopted from SCLP. He has a  snaggletooth and his family is obsessed with him. I feel so blessed to help even 1 animal find a fur-ever home.

winston 12b&w winston 01b&w

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It’s so fun to do something a little different– I got the pleasure to shoot this lovely Heart of the Farm Planner for 2017! It has everything! Calendar, pages for notes, menu planner, and even a section on cooking for those farm men in our lives. Definitely a great gift for the farm ladies in your life (or really any Nebraska gal who likes to plan ahead!). Click here to see how to order

and a fun commercial we put together:

Heart of the Farm from Stacy Ideus on Vimeo.

s e a r c h
f a c e b o o k