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so….currently my studio looks like this:

(wow… I should REALLY think about watering that plant…)


and this is the inspiration getting me through……

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Photography career is a little sleepy this time of year always… it’s a great opportunity to do the following activities:

  • spend less time at the computer and more time with Violet
  • spruce up my spaces and make them exciting to be in 2016
  • re-frame studio samples
  • deep clean
  • touch up paint
  • plan my marketing strategies for the year
  • watch Downton Abbey
  • drink red wine after Violet goes to bed


I hope winter is finding you all cozy!

jones 003

The thing about family is that it’s a real, living, breathing, ever-changing thing. It’s number 1 on our minds. It’s number 1 on our list of priorities. It’s why we work. It’s who we love most. My heart sings every time I get the honor to capture one of these family-thingies. And sooooo not for the money. To provide a family with the one true thing that lasts in this world. Photography is a gift.

This is especially true when a game-changer happens.

The Jones family is no stranger to game-changers and their family photo shoot happened at a very special time in their lives. Not only does Papa Scott have Parkinson’s disease, but ONE DAY after this shoot, little Matthew (the blonde one) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Every moment they have together is a blessing.

jones 004 jones 007 jones 008 jones 010 jones 012 jones 017 jones 020 jones 022 jones 024

Parkinson’s is a chronic and progressive movement disorder that has caused some rigidity in Scott’s facial muscles. His smile is only evident with real honest-to-goodness emotion.

You can see here… he was feelin’ it.

jones 026 jones 027 jones 030 jones 032 jones 041 jones 045 jones 049 jones 063 jones 065 jones 069 jones 071 jones 072 jones 074 jones 078 jones 080 jones 082 jones 083 jones 085 jones 086 jones 087 jones 088 jones 090 jones 092 jones 100 jones 104 jones 106 jones 108 jones 110 jones 112 jones 114

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Thank you, Jones family, for letting me capture you.

mossman 02

Sweet little Hannah is such a sweet, pretty thing. So worth the wait.

This home was missing a little girl. Her big brother Grant would agree. He just swarms the girls ALL. day. long.

mossman 03 mossman 04 mossman 05 mossman 07 mossman 08 mossman 09 mossman 10 mossman 12 mossman 18 mossman 19 mossman 21 mossman 25 mossman 26 mossman 29 mossman 37 mossman 42 mossman 46 mossman 49 mossman 50 mossman 58 mossman 61 mossman 65 mossman 67 mossman 69 mossman 71

I’ll be out of the office January 13-18 for a leadership conference in Nashville!

….where we’ll probably have no fun at all.


I’ve had so many opportunities to go there, I’m so excited to finally check it out!

2015-10-06 18.16.54

GRANDPARENTS: So easy to operate, even a child can do it.

This is what life’s all about. Thank you Heidi and Lyle for allowing me inside your lives and beautiful home. Your fun-loving spirits are contagious and I love watching you with your grandchildren. <3

wilcox 01

When we’re not hanging out with each other, we’re hanging out with this family.

I first met Debora a year after we lived in Wahoo. Sheila introduced us in the back of her car on our way to Fremont to feed the homeless. I knew right away that we’d be close. She began SCLP out of her garage and, well, I always had great intentions of volunteering at the rescue (don’t we ALL?) but A. thought it’d make me sad because I’d fee sorry for the animals (which is SO just a blatant lie we tell ourselves) and B. just didn’t know how to start. After that day in Fremont, I set up a time to meet Deb down at the rescue to learn the ropes and have been a steady volunteer ever since. My life is truly changed by this woman and I think she’s just the cat’s meow.

Glen is married to Deb. He likes to hang out and knows a lot about a lot. He’s my go-to guy with random questions and he usually knows the answer or gives a good perspective on things.

and Miss Tiana. A petite little thing with a big heart. She is Violet’s birthday twin and we’ve really enjoyed watching her mature the past few years. She’s a junior at Wahoo public and has been my pretty little model a couple times. We’re in the middle of a project now and we’re just having fun with it. She always something funny to say.

wilcox 02 wilcox 06 wilcox 08 wilcox 09 wilcox 12

violet bw

Hello, 2016!

You’re new, exciting, and cold so far.

Let’s start with what’s new…..

  • NEW PRICING! A completely different session structure that I think you’ll just LOVE. Something for everyone! If you want a session this year, just shoot me an email or text and I’ll share the new pricing guides. Whether you want a full session or just a 20 minute mini, I’m your girl. Family, Baby, Senior, and Wedding pricing are all brand new.
  • SHOOTING MORE during the week. Weekends are becoming more sacred now that we’re a family of 3. Weekday sessions will be predominately what I offer in 2016.
  • SUMMER CABIN! We’re constructing a new summer cabin in Southeast Nebraska and hope to rent it out by the week/weekend on occasion. It’s going to kick a lot of butt, so you’ll want to check in here for updates.

What’s exciting right now…..

  • I’m going to geek out and say I’m excited to streamline my workflow. This means pairing down my production to the bare essentials to allow more time for other fun projects. Including a little studio re-do! I timed my schedule just right to be void of any studio sessions on the schedule to allow for a little construction. I’m even going to try to tackle a project involving giant power saws myself. Gulp.
  • I’m having eyeball surgery on Friday!!! Yup. Lasik. The best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. So in case I go blind, my week is focused on getting all my editing and year-end crap done before Friday. My deadline is tight, but it’s a good goal. What would you spend your [potential] last day of sight doing?? Eeeeee  Ok. Starting to get nervous. I should spend it staring at our little girl’s face all day. Isn’t she cute?!??
  • But really, I can’t complain. As I file away all my client sessions from 2015, I have so much to be thankful for. Many new and many returning clients. You butter my bread, guys! Thank you so much for a wonderful year and let’s make 2016 joyful and as stress-free as possible!
  • 2015-12-24 08.34.59 2015-12-24 13.37.38

hurt 01

Scroll through to see Michelle and Adam’s colorful home… with the new addition of baby Ryder! You can just feel the love. Isn’t their home fun for Christmas?? Makes me want to do more next year…. I just get so lazy. Happy New Year!!!

hurt 02 hurt 03 hurt 04 hurt 05 hurt 10 hurt 11 hurt 12 hurt 13 hurt 16 hurt 17 hurt 25 hurt 35 hurt 36 hurt 37 hurt 40 hurt 43 hurt 45 hurt 46 hurt 49 hurt 50 hurt 52 hurt 54 hurt 55 hurt 60 hurt 62 hurt 63 hurt 65 hurt 67 hurt 69 hurt 70 hurt 72 hurt 74 hurt 75 hurt 76 hurt 78 hurt 81 hurt 84 hurt 87 hurt 90 hurt 91 hurt 92 hurt 95 hurt 97 hurt 99 hurt 101 hurt 105

holiday home 01

container inspiration: Found & Flora

holiday home 02 holiday home 03 holiday home 04 holiday home 05 holiday home 06 holiday home 07 holiday home 08 holiday home 09 holiday home 10 holiday home 11 holiday home 12

So I really really wanted a real tree this year, but our crazy schedule just didn’t allow for it. Sooooo we have a GIANT artificial one. This sucker is HUGE. Took Ryan and I all our strength to haul him from the basement. I got him free from the end of Sheila’s driveway last year. And it’s pretty sad that the only decorations we now own (from an impulse garage sale sweep last Summer) are my childhood ornaments with my photo on them. Clearance shopping here we come! Remind me….  because I’ll totally get lazy after Christmas and/or forget.

holiday home 13 holiday home 14 holiday home 15 holiday home 16 holiday home 17 holiday home 18 holiday home 19 holiday home 20

Violet LOVES her books. holiday home 21 holiday home 22 holiday home 23 holiday home 24 holiday home 25 holiday home 26 holiday home 27 holiday home 28 holiday home 29

So I hope everyone has a Very MERRY CHIRSTMAS! I’m looking forward to taking 4 days off. I’m seriously going to not check social media or email until Monday.

Try, that is.

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    Sheila - Love. Love. Love. Love everything about this post. And I love you. And Ryan. And Baby Violet. And Arrow.ReplyCancel

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