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Ryan helped me shoot some video of Violet on Sunday afternoon. Here’s some shots taken in between. What a ‘huggie bear’ as our neighbor boy calls her.

7 months old and she wants to crawl SO badly. She can get up on all fours, but only for a few seconds.

The story of our bedroom. Our master spa-like retreat.

…more like afterthought catch-all waiting for her desperate make-over addition in 3 years. : /

I couldn’t live with it this way anymore. SO BORING. Yeah, we mostly sleep in here, but I was never excited to be in this room. A mini make-over was in order and I saved up my Amazon points to do it. Here’s the breakdown (and the sad, sad BEFORE PIC)…

– new duvet cover (amazon $79)

– new happy red pillow cover fabric $20 (thanks, Aunt Nancy, for sewing!)

– new hot air balloon picture from an estate sale in Arizona last February ($7) sure, it was a pain in the butt to travel back with, but I really love it and it’s rare for me to find vintage art that I love!

– new steel grey curtains ($39 x3 from Ikea; plus shipping)

Everything else I stole from other rooms in the house. It’s nothing crazy awesome, but I’m very pleased with the new feeling it’s created. : )


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celeb for a day 78

Every wedding couple is the center of attention…it’s no shocker. But it’s still unexpected and fun to get random honks and hollers from the street.

7 mo 127

This is what weekends should be: relaxing, limited work. AMPLE time for family.

A perfect first Mother’s Day for me, if you will.

That meant pigtails for Violet.

7 mo 128 7 mo 129 7 mo 130 7 mo 131

Then she had her first big girl bath in the big person tub.

she loved it.

7 mo 132 7 mo 133 7 mo 134 7 mo 135 7 mo 136 7 mo 137 7 mo 138 7 mo 140

her hair is RIDICULOUS. It’s longer than mine at the moment…

7 mo 141 7 mo 142

…and the way she looks at her hero… 7 mo 143

Then yesterday morning, Ryan was a lamb and after Vie woke up at 6:30, he let me sleep in until TEN! TEN! TEN!! yay! I woke to the sound of her singing and laughing, and then when I got out of the shower, a magical cup of hot, Coconut Mocha coffee was sitting on the toilet seat (our bathroom is tiny! there really is NO other place for something to sit) Breakfast was made for me and then we grilled and hung out the rest of the day, including spying on our resident mother robin who had her babies recently. We’ve known mother robins before; mostly they terrify us with their air raids and squawking and we want to end their lives (and I’m ashamed to admit, we’ve knocked some nests down in the past to evict them). But this current tenant is actually pretty sweet and nice. We grill right under her nest at least 3 times a week and it’s been pretty harmonious.

7 mo 144 7 mo 145 7 mo 146 7 mo 147 7 mo 148 7 mo 149 7 mo 150

Hope you all had a very pleasant Mother’s Day, too!

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