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Hannah emailed in early Spring for a family session and boy, oh, boy do we have a lot in common! Not only are we both young mothers of very active little baby girls, but we’re also lovers of photography. In fact, we hit it off so well she’s joining PPN (right, Hannah??) and we’re shooting a couple weddings together this fall. yay for new friends!

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First, there were bugs.

We thought we were going to be eaten alive.

So we switched locations and drove around trying to find this blue house that I saw once that I though would make the perfect backdrop if we trespassed.

But we couldn’t find it.

So we went downtown, less bugs but no breeze.

So then we went back to the country and magic happened.

Mackenna has the perfect hair for wind.

In fact, a wind machine should follow her everywhere she goes from now on.

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