Did something a little kookie. I painted a wall in our house PINK. (It used to be black… then green chalkboard.) Now it’s pink chalkboard and it’s a cheery addition. You like?

Get your Vitamin D and leave with pictures. Yup! It’s that time of year again! The Birthday Sale is back…

Schedule a session for March – April – May and your session fee is just $35*. What’s that get you?

  • 1 hour with me
  • a beautiful gallery of images to select from
  • prints begin at $35
  • no minimum order

And if you want to see more session options so you can make the best decision for you and your family, totally cool. Just ask!  Email stacy@stacyideus.com or call 308-440-8043

*Price does not include tax or prints/products. Session fee and signed portrait agreement due to book. This sale is valid for up to 6 people.

We were on the ice at Lake Wanahoo for exactly 7 minutes. Until she couldn’t feel her face and until my pants were wet from laying on the frozen water.

When did the shift happen? When you watch old movies or binge watch Madmen on Netflix, if people work in an office there’s a photo of their spouse sitting on their desk. And I’m not talking a family photo—- I’m talking about an honest to goodness mug shot of their spouse.  And now I’ve noticed a definite shift in that there are now more snapshots of someone’s children on their desk than of someones wife or husband. I’m not saying one is bad and one is good. Just that I’m noticing a shift and I’m curious why this is….

Maybe it’s on my mind because I’ve been to too many funerals lately where the most recent shot used for their obituary is from that time Olan Mills came to photograph them for the church directory 5+ years ago. Or worse—– photoshopping them out of a group image taken on a cell phone with poor resolution. I guess it just makes me sad and I know it could have been better for their families. Regardless if you own a business or not. Regardless if you’re married or not. Your high school senior photo should hardly be the last time you ever have a headshot taken, in my opinion.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: if you can’t remember the last time you had an updated mug, maybe it’s time to set one up.

15 minute studio session -OR- in your work space*

$50 + tax, includes 1 high resolution image for unlimited usage

*additional cost may apply. mileage is $0.57/mile

308.440.8043 or email stacy@stacyideus.com

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