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holla if you’re a PEO! and if you don’t know what a PEO is, enjoy these pictures of a very fun [girls only] jammie movie party….

we ate our weight in snacks and watched Mona Lisa Smile… a very ‘PEO’ movie.

movie night 22 movie night 23 movie night 24 movie night 25 movie night 26 movie night 27

have a great weekend, all!

violet 28 violet 29 violet 30 violet 31 violet 32 violet 33 violet 34

she’s really starting to notice and watch things move more…

especially Arrow. He’s nuts in the backyard…

violet 35 violet 36

…and we finally broke down and bought her one of those magic, mythical, unicorn, voodoo amber teething necklaces. And you know what… I think the thing really might actually do something. In my extended research (i.e.: the week she’s been wearing it) we’ve noticed 90% less fussy girl and 67% less drool.

violet 37 violet 38 violet 39 violet 40 violet 41

violet 42

pears, blueberries, and sweet potatoes are her favorites.

she eats from me 4 times a day… (early morning, 2nd breakfast around 9, mid afternoon, and bedtime), with 2 solid meals a day

2-3 (30-45) minute naps a day

bath every other evening (depending on how much spit up lands in her rattail)

wears 6-9 month clothes and is in the 70’s percentile for height and weight

17.5 lbs at her last appointment

her favorite person: daddy

her favorite toy: anything that she can hold and chew on

violet 43

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We’re having a garage PURGE sale!

this THURSDAY 3-7



2020 North Locust Street, WAHOO


2 households that are purging our cool stuff (WE don’t think it’s cool anymore, but you might!)

Some things old (flea market stuff) and lots of things like new:

household items

kitchen gadgets

decor items

pre-K boys toys

nb-pre K boys clothing

Maternity clothing

Women’s clothes sized S-M-L

DVD’s – CD’s


So come help us unload… so we can save our marriages.

We’ll have our music cranked! We know how to party!

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-Mother Theresa

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